{Black Clover}

2021.09.26 10:56 babybirdke {Black Clover}

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2021.09.26 10:56 TWSP-AMB Hello! Kastelle will be a nation/kingdom rp with wars/diplomacy & more (ages 16+)

We are looking for our first mature members/volunteers to start building a community pre-alpha stage of the server before it opens officially. You will be able to apply for a staff position soon and give suggestions if you join. Yes you can invite your friends too. (: More info on our discord server. Add me #Delta_XI#4586
Or post your discs below. ( will be a payed server 24/7 )
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2021.09.26 10:56 G-SUN Indycar 2021 第16戦 ロングビーチ・グランプリ 決勝 実況

9月24日(金) Practice1 Pm6:00-Pm6:45 現地時間
9月25日(土) Practice2 Pm12:00-Pm12:45 現地時間
9月25日(土) Qualifications Round1 Group1 Pm3:05-Pm3:15 現地時間 *
9月25日(土) Qualifications Round1 Group2 Pm3:25-Pm3:35 現地時間 *
9月25日(土) Qualifications Round2 Pm3:45-Pm3:55 現地時間 *
9月25日(土) Qualifications Fasr6 Om4:05-Pm4:20 現地時間 *
9月26日(日) Warmup Pm12:00-Pm12:30 現地時間
9月26日(日) Race Pm3:30-Pm5:45 現地時間
9月27日(月) 決勝生中継 04:00-07:30 GAORA
Indycar公式 - [GAORA番組表](https://www.gaora.co.jp/moto3213400
Live Timing
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2021.09.26 10:56 ItzAshOutHere I just defeated the enderdragon and then...fell in the void and lost my full netherite and elytra and maxed tools... I still got a lot of shulker shells and diamond armour in my ender chest so i can get back but....later my mood is ruined r/roastme make me feel worse

I just defeated the enderdragon and then...fell in the void and lost my full netherite and elytra and maxed tools... I still got a lot of shulker shells and diamond armour in my ender chest so i can get back but....later my mood is ruined roastme make me feel worse submitted by ItzAshOutHere to MCPE [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 10:56 bleakstar95 Team red friends for raids and gifts

Hi guys I’m team red. Looking for others to help do raids. Level 37 here. Also sending gifts. Please add
8824 6284 1948 Ta guys x
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2021.09.26 10:56 UsernameTaken371 AITA doesn't allow posts relating to covid so I figured I'd try and post it here.

Not a long story. Have a few relatives that haven't taken the vaccine since they insist it hasn't been tested and isn't safe. I've been trying to convince them otherwise for months, got through to a few of them. One of the ones that isn't vaccinated, my uncle, went to a wedding, didn't wear a mask, got covid and was in the ICU. We (most of the family except the sick guy) were all talking on a Skype call, and I told them, "If he recovers you need to get him to take the vaccine."
My aunt, also anti vaxx, said something along the lines of, "If? You young kids are too scared of things, covid is just like the flu, he'll be fine. When we were kids we didn't take things like vaccines because we didn't sit in front of a computer all day.. "
I disagreed, told her that she needed to look up the medical consensus regarding covid and act accordingly, offered to send her research and stuff to prove my point, she just called me an idiot and a coward (told me to grow up and "be a man" too) and said she didn't need any of it.
A few days later, her husband died in the ICU, and she basically blamed me for jinxing it? I apologized just to make her feel better, but them she said that he'd been doing fine until I'd said "if he recovers", which really annoyed me, so I asked her why he'd been in the ICU if he was fine. She got mad, family got into arguments, and now I'm wondering if I was the asshole here. She was really condescending and old fashioned but I don't know if she needed to hear what I said when I said it.
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2021.09.26 10:56 HifiSystem Chapter 143: A Fall For Two [English]

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2021.09.26 10:56 JoobJoob315 Got a random message from one of my sisters life long friends last night. She recently lost her mother, so I thought she wanted to talk. Turns out she was hacked and it was a bot. It rubbed me the wrong way.

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2021.09.26 10:56 SmogMan903 My birthday haul!

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2021.09.26 10:56 HJuly24 My Treefingers Meaning

To me: Treefingers is a auditory representation of the "world" of Kid A
An apocalyptic, desolate world where Humanity's unwillingness to change has resulted in a catastrophic change in the climate
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2021.09.26 10:56 ChemistAble1838 Me on top (you may be thinking: that's not worth it it's so bad, well it is an underpayment from me, but only bc its a collectable, I'd op for candy set if my offer weren't a collectible)

Me on top (you may be thinking: that's not worth it it's so bad, well it is an underpayment from me, but only bc its a collectable, I'd op for candy set if my offer weren't a collectible) submitted by ChemistAble1838 to MurderMystery2 [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 10:56 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 10:56 Jamesvuuu Garlic Shrimp Noodles

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2021.09.26 10:56 desperate-world (26M) Give me some tough love. What do I really need to hear?

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2021.09.26 10:56 Jacobmallia Greatest hits Australian CD

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2021.09.26 10:56 BlakenBurger 26 M CA May or may not be drunk

Fuck around and find out. 6’1 green eyes brown curly hair. Lets be friends. Chat about nerdy shit and whatnot
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2021.09.26 10:56 tomassci Got rejected on PCB, that's why I'm going here now.

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2021.09.26 10:56 pranav1326 There was a knight who amazed and impressed everyone

His name was Sir Prize (Surprise)
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2021.09.26 10:56 charlotthrow F4F Instagram

Personal account. Travel, the ocean, horses, wildlife and stuff. I don't post often. I follow back and life stuff in my feed.
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2021.09.26 10:56 Hamburgo I owe my family and friends approx 7k... best debt consolidation loan option?

I want to pay them all back at once. The stress of them continually asking and putting guilt on me is too fucking much. Oh and I have a 1.5k ZipPay debt being paid off $40 a month or something.
I would rather get a loan from somewhere and pay it back. I just got a new job as an oral health therapist - one day a week and it’s commission - it’s not super busy until they build more chairs but I’m on a $330 retainer. Commission is paid monthly. I work at another practice as a dental assistant one day a week and get about $500 a fortnight from that. Then the dental corporation I work for calls me up for temp jobs at different practices for example this week I’ll work Wed & Thurs as a dental nurse, then a few weeks of October twice a day as a sterilisation nurse.
I also receive Centrelink.
At the end of the day I will ALWAYS make $500 a fortnight minimum until my new job is stabilised. For example if someone quits a position I will get first choice for it. Or I could look elsewhere if it looked like I wasn’t getting enough work as I’ve been offered many jobs as a dental industry “jack of all trades” (receptionist, dental assistant and oral health therapist - like a dental hygienist but with extra scope).
I know nothing about finance except never borrow from FAMILY AND FRIENDS again.
My expenses are petrol ($30maybe twice a week), board to my parents $150 a fortnight but not strict. I buy food etc but would stop as I can eat at home.
Anyone recommend the best personal loan to take out? I want to take out a little extra to have for myself in case work becomes unstable.
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2021.09.26 10:56 newsdk Ny bådforhandling i Svendborg vil udvikle eldrevet motorbåd

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2021.09.26 10:56 Bee_Silent Where the Benches End

The scariest thing I've ever seen, happened in the middle of the day.
When I was just a boy, my mother used to take us to the park. We had little money, and looking back, she worked too much still made time to take us every day she had off. Well, of course back then, my brother and I were more concerned with playing our games of fantasy. Robbers and police, western shootouts, medieval knights, all ways together. But never on the same side.
One day, some of the other neighborhood kids were already playing on our favorite spot, which we simply called base. They were older kids, like my brother, and it wasn't long before they swayed him to thier side and barred me from entering.
Devastated as any small child would be at the betrayal of thier best friend and sibling, I rushed to my mother. With tears in my eyes, I told her the whole story and asked to go home.
"I know it's hard being little sometimes," she said, wrapping her arms around me and kissing the top of my head. "But you can't let them bully you, and if your brother has lost sight of what a fun person you are, then make your own fun.
Sensible, but her words feel on the deaf ears of a child, too sad and angry to see reason. Well, I stormed back and demanded they play with me. Which only prevoked further ridicule and laughter.
With my head down, I watched the ground race by as I ran as fast as my legs would take me. Over the grass, past the monkey bars. Over the see-saw's and merry-go-rounds, to where the little path that runners would use.
Once I'd ran out some frustration, and was out of earshot of my mom, I started calling the other kids every dirty word I'd ever heard. The stone benches that lined the path faced the forest beyond, and I took repeated glances into the darkness beyond as I jumped from bench to bench.
I was still cursing when I looked up to see a man sitting on the edge of the last bench. I froze.
The man's back was to me, but I had been cursing rather loudly, and worried that somehow the news of my potty mouth would get back to my mother. I'd had more than a few spankings for just such a thing, and wasn't ready for another. So I hoped for the best and was turning to sneak away when he spoke.
"Big kids not treating you very fair?" He asked over his shoulder. "Your the third little brother to come this way."
Other little brothers? I thought to myself.
He pointed his finger at the woods. "Said they were going to the little kids treehouse," he answered as if I'd asked it out loud.
I looked back to see if I could see any other kids. Vut although they were still far away, I still see the heads of the other kids poking out the top of the slides. Laughing and carrying on without me. I turned back to look into the forest. But even when I crossed the path, I couldn't see more than a dozen feet in. Everything past that was too dark to see and quickly decided that no treehouse was cool enough to walk through a scary forest.
Just then, the man stepped up beside me. He was dress nicely, and had a big smile that look genuine.
"I could go in with you if want," he said, holding his hand out. " At least until you get to where the other kids are."
Now my mom told me never to talk to strangers, but the more I thought about having to go back and sit alone until it was time to go home, the more I talked myself into taking the man's hand.
"Just until we get to the other kids." I took his hand and he gripped it gently as we started into the treeline. When we got to the point that it was too dark to see, I began to panic. "How much further? I don't hear anyone. Maybe they went home."
The man gripped my hand tighter. "I just want to show you something. I think you'll like it." I tried to pull my hand away to run, but the man turned and punched me in the side of the head. I feel to the ground and he stepped over me. "Just lay there."
My head was spinning and I suddenly felt like throwing up. I dont know if it was from the hit, or fear, but my legs didnt move when I told them to. I couldn't move at all. I started to scream and the man grabbed me by the throat. His hand squeezed until I couldnt even suck in air.
That's when the forest moved. A shadow, twice the size of the man grabbed him by the shoulder and neck. With a single motion, it ripped the man's arm off and tossed him into a nearby tree. His head split when it hit with a meaty crack.
I choked as air finally was able to fill my lungs and I thrashed to wipe the blood and gore from my face.
It raised the man's dismembered arm and part of it disappeared into the void that was its mouth. I could hear the grinding and crunching of the bones and the sound was enough to wake my legs back up. I scrambled to my feet and sprinted out of the forest. Past the benches, over the see-saws, the monkey bars, and almost over the grass. Where my mom, in seeing me covered in blood, let out her own scream.
She got us home and called the police. But there wasnt much that could be done considering that I would be mute for the next few months.
That was the last time we ever went to the park, and the last time my brother ever left me alone.
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2021.09.26 10:56 copulina My first babies from leaves 😍 (yes, there's Peperomia too)

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2021.09.26 10:56 murphystruelaw Stopping good discussions isn’t a good look…

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2021.09.26 10:56 T123456n Blonde

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