anyone else a gay trans burned out gifted kid who’s depressed, anxious and is now average?

2021.09.26 11:27 solarjamie anyone else a gay trans burned out gifted kid who’s depressed, anxious and is now average?

and has no motivation to do ANYTHING? or just me?
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2021.09.26 11:27 StarKhan429 Another meme about that

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2021.09.26 11:27 todays1tomorrow What is idealistic but unrealistic?

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2021.09.26 11:27 Tough-Championship17 OemQ On Keyboard

Hello. I was wondering if anyone knew where the OemQ key is on a keyboard.
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2021.09.26 11:27 itsTheLuffy Was practicing perspective and lighting recently. Tell how this turned out.

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2021.09.26 11:27 King-Kozz Just a Reminder

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2021.09.26 11:27 ShazzaL1 Anyone know where I can find some petrol?

Didn’t take this while petrol shortage thing seriously and now find myself with very little petrol - anyone know anywhere near the west end with petrol still in stock?
Yes, I know I’m a pleb
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2021.09.26 11:27 Adept-Bumblebee-1393 First half of a recent commission, from a beautiful photo of Japan.

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2021.09.26 11:27 luna_luv2662 Mormon visitors center, odd symbolism?

Way back in elementary school, I think I have a vague memory of when our family visited the temple grounds, either in California or Utah I'm guessing.
We weren't allowed in the main temple, but we were allowed into the visitors center.
I could've sworn I remembered odd symbolism that felt off-putting to Mormon teachings. Specifically, there was a wall stone carving that depicted a sacrificial alter. Instead of the alter having a traditional lamb on top for sacrifice, it instead had an offering of fruit, with people standing peacefully around it. A lamb was however sitting safely at it's base.
I remember this felt really off. Because I'd been recently trying to read the Bible/Genesis during school reading, and for an offering of fruit, it is seen as offensive to God, because it's supposed to be a lamb (representing his firstborn son Christ). An offering of fruit is what Cain offered I think, making God angry.
Then in some foyer, there was wood carved railings near window lighting. There were wood cutout holes of upsidedown stars, with the bottom points of the stars really elongated. It was casting long shadows on the floor, and seemed to have some weird eery meaning I didn't understand.
I'd forgotten about this memory (or dream?) before. I recalled it years later when I came across an article online, detailing some occult symbolic meanings on Mormon temple sites.
The upsidedown stars with elongated points are symbolic of Satan, and/or Satan worship, if I'm recalling correctly.
Is this anything anyone else can corroborate?
Is this just a totally false memory? Maybe I just dreamed it up?
It felt like an unwanted memory surfaced when reading that article (years ago now), that I'd buried and forgotten. Like I'd suspected from a really young age something was off about the church, sinistedecietful even to it's own members. But I felt super guilty thinking that way about the church and how my parents would be very sad, so I mentally buried my suspicions completely.
Did I create a bizarre false memory? I have no idea lol. Would be really interesting if it was true though.
Only other thing I remember seeing from the visitors center, was a large marble Christ statue with pierced hands & feet at the center of a room, with a large outer space background painted on the walls surrounding him. Cosmic Jesus vibes, accept he didn't feel very approachable, more like a tad otherworldly intimidating.
It would be a slap in the face theology-wise if the fruit alter carving is legit, it's like siding with Cain and saying "this is fine."
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2021.09.26 11:27 AlGorellCultivator Help: what kind of Other am I making?

Greetings to this forum and its users. I had wanted not to have to make this post, but I have known for some time that I would. I am uncertain of the wisdom of the course I am on, and I need help, in the form of an outside perspective. I lost my parents five years ago (please do not send me condolences), and before I did, they gave me this project (the subject of this thread) to complete. They cryptically told me to consult with the internet if I ran into trouble with it; Occult Magic Online is the clearest source to which they might have been referring.
I have only had limited contact with the Innocent world in my life, outside a Practice-oriented context. I lived among Innocents for one year of my life before my Practical Awakening, from the twelfth anniversary of my birth to the thirteenth, but it was an anxious experience that served to teach me that we are better off separated from the outside world. I live near a small village where about half of the families Practice; it is far away from any major human city. I do frequently visit large cities, and I even travel abroad, usually more than once each year, but this is to work Practice, not for leisure. I am at home at my ranch, tending to the Others I own, sighing in contentment in my rocking chair after a good day's work. I do not much use the internet, so forgive me if I inadvertently breach etiquette here and offend. I am putting in great effort to fit in here, but I will readily admit that I am an old-fashioned, out-of-touch recluse.
The Gorell family, which I currently head, is an old line of Miscellaneous Cultivators. We Cultivators are crafters of Others; we find those who might become strong, useful Others, and we guide their genesis, so we have claim over them from their inception. Cultivators often specialize in some particular type of Other, but my family has always been more generalist, preferring to work with volume. Insofar as we could be said to have a specialty, it's those Others who arise from indefinite Possession; much of our Practice is a sort of matchmaking service between so-called "Jockeys" and those Innocents who would "complete" them. The Jockey and the Host quickly synthesize into a single Other which becomes grateful Gorell property. There is a great variety of them, although there are some "templates" we create again and again, certain "recipes" that consistently produce useful results.
For the most part, life is stable and peaceful. As my father did before me, and as his father and his father's father did before him, I am comfortably able to make a living making and selling simple Others. Money is not a concern: even if my Practice were interrupted for some time, we are "off the grid", and we need little to survive. I am not a very social person, but I am not lonely - I have a wife I love, I have a number of children so someone can inherit my Practice when I too am gone, and my neighbors respect and admire me. I give tours of my ranch to the village children, and the Others I keep entertain them with choreographed dances, songs, and tricks. (If the children do not grow into Practitioners, they simply believe they saw men in costumes, or holding puppets.) I have a good relationship with the spirits of my locale and of the Earth. Everything seems to be in its place.
There is one thing nagging at me. There is a project, which my parents considered their lives' work. They did not complete it when they lived, but I am trying to fulfill their wishes and complete it still. I do not understand much of it, and I am deeply concerned that I am going about it wrong, or even that the project is itself misguided. They left instructions, but the instructions become less detailed the longer they go on, and I have been blindsided by many unpleasant surprises that the instructions did not warn me about. Their reasons for pursuing the project were vague - they said it would greatly improve the lot of our family, and I believe them, but there was also a clear element of investigation and curiosity to it, the mark of the thinking man, the Practicing scientist. I do not understand their full design, but I am more than hesitant to abandon it. In addition to the tangible expenditures of time and money our family has sunk into this project, there is also the element of sentimentality. I would very much hate not to fulfill their last wish - their "unfinished business", as the necromancers say.
Cultivators usually find candidates and make them into Others, as I've explained. Cultivators who literally breed Others are the exception, and often fall into other Practices - Oddfathers, Historians, Goblin Kings. For the most part, our family has engaged in more standard Cultivation, but my parents had a plan for a very specific Other child they wanted born, with a very specific Other parentage. They did not tell me exactly what the child would be, and I still do not know. I fear that it might be a Greater Power - it is among the first lessons taught to Cultivators that only fools attempt to Cultivate Greater Powers. If the project produced one, the situation would be very dire indeed, and I would think less of my parents for engineering it.
I do not anticipate problems so severe as that, but I am already facing problems. The mother is pregnant, and has been pregnant for more than a year. Gestation is not exactly frozen; the child has been developing. However, there's no clear time table for when it's due, and I still do not know what to expect.
As such, my problem chiefly concerns two of my existing lots - the father's lot, and the mother's. The Father is a Sticky Red. The Sticky Red lot is among the cheapest and most plentiful that I work with; at any given time, I usually have about a dozen Sticky Reds at my ranch, in a single devoted barn. They are simple creatures, playful but obedient to their masters, useful for many low-level tasks such as combat. I sell good-quality Sticky Reds frequently. However, my parents did actually invent the Sticky Red lot for this project, to father this child. I would certainly still be making and selling Sticky Reds even if they weren't a part of this project, but the fact that they are helps keep it at the forefront of my mind.
Sticky Reds start out as goblin-infested humans, but end up as neither goblins nor humans, but silly bug-men with compound eyes and an affinity for climbing. The goblin needs to be of just the right strength and temperament, and must have a certain fondness for spiders and legs; the human needs to be a young man with just the right personality and build to complement the goblin. Many Sticky Reds are too fragile or aggressive when they're created. In my barn, they engage in regular culling, through ritualized dance-fights where the losers' skulls are cracked on the ground. Sticky Red is one of several lots I keep whose recipes involve goblins. Of those lots, several others are also common and useful, but none quite as much as Sticky Red.
By contrast, the mother's lot is Pretty Blue. Pretty Blues are far and away the most expensive lot I keep, and they are kept exclusively for this project. I have three, and my parents obtained two of those three when they were alive. I used to have another, but it died, a devastating loss to our Practice. At this point, obtaining a fifth Pretty Blue would put me into debt I cannot afford. They are best not thought of as replaceable - all but one of them are emergency substitutes, and none are to be used lightly.
Pretty Blues technically start out as human royalty, and although of course they are royalty who no one would miss - girls too far down the line of succession to notice - it's still a tall order to find suitable candidates. The more easily they can disappear, the more difficulty I find persuading the spirits that their nobility is sufficient to count. I make Pretty Blues by infusing these girls with elementals of freezing water, of hailstorms, and of the dead of winter. Pretty Blues are delicate, beautiful, wilting creatures, who prefer to stay shut in and live much longer this way - they have all of a princess's sensitivity and all of a snowflake's. Although they have some mild elemental power, they are much more noteworthy for their supreme Innocence, which carries great currency with the spirits of the world, and therefore brings some good fortune to our family in turn, as we do own them. Few Others I keep are especially talkative, but Pretty Blues in particular are forbidden to speak (this helps preserve their power and purity, as with a vow of silence), and we actually obtain them at a young enough age that with a clever diagram, we entirely prevent them from acquiring language.
The particular Pretty Blue who has fallen pregnant is the oldest of the three I currently have; the other two are very young, and I would need to wait some time before running through the process again with them, if I ever do. In February of 2020, I carefully introduced this Pretty Blue to one of the finest Sticky Reds I've made, in a controlled environment. (In 2017 I wasn't so careful; my first attempt ended with the Pretty Blue swarmed and decapitated by an out-of-control mob of Sticky Red; I had to put down that entire crop, of course.) The pregnancy registered with my diagnostics within a week, and began to show almost immediately afterwards. The father doted on her for the first three months before being killed by other Sticky Reds, which is unfortunate but just as well, as keeping him alive in the long term wasn't part of the instructions.
Since then, the child, whatever it is, has continued to grow and grow. Mostly the growth is slow, but sometimes changes are visible from day to day (including unnatural discoloration, tumorous growths, etc, on the Pretty Blue's skin; she's probably not going to be good for much after the birth, if she survives it). By now, the child is obviously much larger than any human baby; diagnostics stopped working on it a long time ago. I think it might exceed its mother's weight before it's born, if it ever is. It's irregularly-shaped, and the shape changes frequently. Sometimes I'm absolutely convinced it's going to come out as a giant spider, but other times its protrusions seem more like a sea urchin, or a starfish, or an octopus or squid.
My other Others have been fascinated with the pregnant Pretty Blue. Sometimes I let them see her, under strict supervision, to give her a little bit of company, but I always have to be on guard, because a lot of them will make any excuse to get close to her so that they can get at her and kill her. I had to put down a Happy Circles (a child made into a spirit of mice) for trying to kill the Pretty Blue, and there's no Other on my ranch I would have been more surprised to see try that. I think my Others might be set off by the technological sounds the child is making inside Pretty Blue. Sometimes, I hear something beeping in there; sometimes I hear little servos running. It would make sense if this project is producing some kind of Technomantic Other; my parents were always casually interested in Technomancy, even though they never worked seriously with it so far as I know. They told me to consult the internet if I ran into trouble with the project, which was uncharacteristic of them and might have been an allusion to Technomancy. Sticky Reds incorporate a "spider" theme into their design, which is well-known to fit well into Technomancy (because of the "world wide web"). Perhaps I'm making a being that will be capable of "freezing the internet"? I'm deeper and deeper into uncharted territory here; my parents' plans only go so far.
Whatever it is that's happening, I'm more nervous with every bump in the road. I've been following my parents' instructions to the detail, but I've had to improvise so much. If they anticipated that the pregnancy would last longer or grow larger than a standard human pregnancy, they did not write it down. As per my parents' instructions, I have removed all of the Pretty Blue's teeth multiple times weekly for the past twenty months; it's supposed to help keep her humanoid, but given how things have gone, I am of course left wondering if it's been adequate. Once, when I was about to begin, the Pretty Blue began speaking - something that should have been impossible for many reasons - to clearly insult me to my face in a profanity-laden rant, smiling all the while; when I interrogated her immediately afterwards, she again showed no ability to speak (as should have already been the case). I even spent one night in jail because of a mystery report apparently submitted by some Other on behalf of the Pretty Blue; thankfully, my wife was able to take care of it and clear the record in short order. All of the Pretty Blues have diagrams tattooed onto their fingers to keep them connected to their ancestors and descendants; I frequently ritually take blood from the pregnant one's fingertips, following my parents' specifications with whatever adjustments seem necessary and do not contradict the instructions. The diagnostic aspect of this ritual has stopped working - when I drip the blood into my shark tank, I no longer get any response from them - but it is still necessary, as per my parents' notes, for the health of the child.
So, Occult Magic Online users, I present you with the obvious question - what is that child? What is it gestating in that Pretty Blue? Even if no one has an answer per se, I would still be deeply grateful for any leads I find useful; you would surely earn significant favors from me. Should I be more worried than I am, or should I be less worried? Are these just standard last-minute jitters, the anxiety of a difficult and important project slowly nearing its conclusion? Or have I delved too deep into a dangerous obsession that neither I nor my parents should have pursued? (To clarify before it is asked: my parents' fates were unrelated to this project. Again, please do not send me any condolences.)
Blessings on your forum whether you are able to help or not.
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2021.09.26 11:27 AKAAK550 The world is not fair 😌

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2021.09.26 11:27 Kelvin8R3ooo Out and about at the markets this morning!

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2021.09.26 11:27 mitafuteku : )

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2021.09.26 11:27 Student_Anzu I just Smiled

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2021.09.26 11:27 DependentPay5390 I don’t deserve my bf

Is it just my ocd and depressionthrowing things way out of proportion or am I the worst gf ever?
My mum says I’m being stupid bc everyone gets crushes in relationships but I need help.
I (19f) have an amazing boyfriend, he is everything to me and I love him so much. But a few months ago I had a crush on a mutual guy friend of ours. He is a close friend of mine and my bfs. Of course I would never have cheated on my bf, I never met up with this guy without my bf but I found myself messaging him more (only as friends of course and we messaged anyway). I feel guilty about this so much even though I’ve read it’s normal to have crushes in relationships. In fact I feel like it wasn’t even a proper crush I just thought I liked him - now I’d never be able to see myself with him at all.
Like I’m almost suicidal over this (I have ROCD as well as depression for context) and keep convincing myself I emotionally cheated or something lol
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2021.09.26 11:27 Ob21d1an Platformer with Randomly Generated Levels

Yes, made with pygame I made a game with randomly generated levels. It also has a lot of other stuff like enemies, npc's, powerups.
This is my first game with Pygame in which everything is not just in 1 file and I actually know much more about programming, so I would appreciate any tips on how to organize my code as well! Source code and exe build are on itch:
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2021.09.26 11:27 dercraZed Geofencing -> time schedule -> geofencing.

Hey Eufy, please change the option for your cams. Geofencing -> time schedule -> geofencing. I like to have my cams on at night wenn im home.
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2021.09.26 11:27 dvn_rvthernot on a scale of why do i exist to absurd, how'd i do?

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2021.09.26 11:27 JoePmpn Looking for an image

Hey guys, I’m looking for a specific image of Rei, Asuka, and Shinji on top of a building (in Tokyo 3) next to unit 01. I saw it in a thumbnail on YouTube but cannot find it after searching for a long time. Would appreciate if anyone can come up with it.
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2021.09.26 11:27 Different_Day4797 Stefanie Gurzanski full nude show her perfect body so amazing

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2021.09.26 11:27 peepoelpapel QC - canada goose october's own - husky - 150yuan - ( dead w2c )

little canada goose for my little bro tell me what u think thanks
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2021.09.26 11:27 priths3 A Birthday gift for myself, feels great to be officially a part of this beautiful community.

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2021.09.26 11:27 b1ngp0tt Merch

If u guys could make the merch what would u make the merch?
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2021.09.26 11:27 newsdk De særlige pladser: Ny ledelse har indført nye rammer for beboerne

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2021.09.26 11:27 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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