Help with list for first game

2021.09.26 12:27 Roygbiv_89 Help with list for first game

Hello all! So I took up the hobby and tyranids as something to do in all these lockdowns. A few friends also started and they have space wolves, dark angels and death guard.
Will have my fist game against my Dark Angels mate.
I've got myself a good amount so far but ive no idea what is good and how to build a list really :P Trying to reach 2k points.
Here's what ive bought so far
Started off with brood swarm box and because of a mixup I ended up with a extra hive tyrant kit. Bought a 3d printed chest so I made a flying one, walking and a swarmlord. I just built them with weapons I thought looked cool but can change them up if needed
Got myself a Battleforce, picked up 30 terms with devourers and 30 with fleshborers off ebay. Also 10 hormugants.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated and suggestions what I should buy next :)
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2021.09.26 12:27 Steveelectric907 [30/m] looking for cool redditors to talk with this morning

We can talk about anything you like just say hello
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2021.09.26 12:27 bangingpasta A MOVIE????

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2021.09.26 12:27 LoLoGamer_12 FiFqo a Kiki Among Us 🐴 Dúfam že sa bude ľúbiť :D

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2021.09.26 12:27 Individual_Gas4602 I must try

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2021.09.26 12:27 nikkidoy Has HP every tried charging you a restocking fee for a DEFECTIVE product?

I was looking into buying a custom unit a couple weeks ago, placed an order, and ended up cancelling due to the laptop not being able to arrive in time. The HP employee kept recommending I buy one of their ready-to-ship laptops as it would suit my needs as a student. The product they recommended me was the HP ENVY x360 Convert 13-bd0031nr. Gave in and ordered that one since I just need a laptop for school and I'm desperate at this point.
The laptop comes and the moment I turned it on, it's already having problems. It took me way longer to set Cortana and Windows up because of it. The pointer would just keep jumping between both bottom corners of the screen and typing was extremely difficult since I could only type one letter at a time and I HAD to be accurate or else correcting a mistake would take longer. After Windows installation and the driver installations/updates, the issue was still happening. The laptop is basically unusable since every time it jumps to the bottom of the screen it just opens Start Menu and the Calendar.
I've now been in contact via email with Order Support and I explained the situation to them. And they said if I don't consult tech support, they will charge me a restocking fee. However, why would they charge me a restocking fee if they sent me a broken product?
Has this happened to anyone else before? How do I get a full refund? I'm a poor college student so if I'm not getting a laptop, I'd rather put the money to use towards, I don't know, living expenses???
TL;DR: HP is charging me a restocking fee when they sent me a broken product that wasn't just a "driver update" fix or something easy like that. They told me if I don't consult Tech Support, the restocking fee will apply, and ain't nobody got time for that.
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2021.09.26 12:27 ravirajg [USA-CA] [H] GTX 1650 Super 4GB EVGA, RTX 3080 VENTUS 3X 10GB [W] PayPal

Hello everyone. I'm selling two cards

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2021.09.26 12:27 Comfortable-Buddy343 what do ya'all use for making memes?

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2021.09.26 12:27 Repulsive-Secret-594 Tehnički pregled vozila (šta se trenutno razlikuje u odnosu na pre par meseci)

Ima li neko informaciju kakva je trenutna situacija na tehničkim pregledima posle onih silnih priča da će se gledati i meriti sve i svašta, snimati, obarati za svaku sitnicu... jel to počelo da se primenjuje i ako nije šta je najveća novina u odnosu na pre par meseci od kad je počeo taj izmenjeni pregled vozila ?
Bio sam bez auta do pre par dana a pre toga sam pratio sve i svašta u vezi tehničkog ali od toliko informacija više ne znam šta je počelo odmah, šta je odloženo... a trebao bih da registrujem za dva meseca "novog" krša :DDD
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2021.09.26 12:27 Alexk2004 Addet sie auf Snap! Sie ist real und gönnt

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2021.09.26 12:27 ADifferentDimension Would no credit card but only a US Debit card and a bit of UK cash (pounds) be OK for a 2-week stay?

I don’t have any credit cards. Not even one. I’m a US American with a debit card from a major US b ank that I believe is called “Barclay” in the UK. If I go to the UK for 2 weeks and only bring my US debit card plus a few hundred in UK pounds, would that be okay? I could just use my devit card at hotels and stores, right?
So the cash would mainly be for public transportation.
Does this sound safe enough/reasonable/doable? What is your perpective?
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2021.09.26 12:27 Curedd Naruto be like

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2021.09.26 12:27 aparecium-avis life crisis

Heyyy Just a random 14 year old on the internet having a careelife crisis. So a few months ago, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in science, but now these days I feel like I really want to learn an instrument (violin) seriously and actually consider music as a professional career. The thing is, I have no experience in playing violin whatsoever, haven’t even touched one. Do you think it’s too late?
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2021.09.26 12:27 Tessia0710 Where to read The Great Worm Lich - Chapter 241 - A Difficult Yet Successful Second Transformation online for free!!

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2021.09.26 12:27 JasmineDiamondMusic Lofi Beats To Relax/Study - Chill Beats

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2021.09.26 12:27 _-JustPassingBy_- Played local two day tournament and lost first place from one shot

This is just so sad. I took unnecessary bogies because nerve kicked in when I tried to putt. I also missed them and ruined my first place from first hole shot with bad approach where my putt hit the chains badly on the side. Chains couldn't catch it like that and got OB5. This hurts :(. I wanted to win :(
What can I do to get rid of nerves when playing in tournament? What can I do to calm myself? What can I do to avoid being afraid to make mistakes?
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2021.09.26 12:27 FrontpageWatch2020 [#172|+1972|25] The tractor left him a John Deere letter [r/funny]

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2021.09.26 12:27 Adequately_Insane What the hell exactly is going on at CD Project?

They are starting to dissolve into this obnoxious company everyone hates, despite being internet darlings just a year ago.
First the Cyberpunk fiasco, bad PR and marketing, broken promises, ton of bugs and with no light at the end of the tunnel yet almost a year later.
Now they are literally telling their customers to "f*ck off" for pointing out they put DRM online only game (Hitman 2016) on GoG, which is marketed as DRM free storefront and label it "review bombing" while arrogantly offering refunds to those irritated.
Looks like CP is on a crusade to join the ranks of Actiivison and EA after so many years of goodwlll.
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2021.09.26 12:27 Designer-Swordfish- Adding another minion until Silksong comes out Day 12

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2021.09.26 12:27 FrontpageWatch2020 [#939|+608|44] Hurling Slurs is freeze speech for us gamers😎😎😎 [r/Gamingcirclejerk]

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2021.09.26 12:27 luka_ruka *Cries in motherfucker*

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2021.09.26 12:27 Empyreanvers Case suggestion for build

Hi everyone
Im planning to switch from atx to smaller case so need a suggestion for whcih case would be best for what i need
Current build is Ryzen 7 5800x Corsair h110i rgb aio cooler Galax rtx 3080ti sg Gigabyte aorus b550 elite Corsair rm 750x psu Lian li o11 dynamic
I want a case that would suppprt atx psu as smaller psu are v expensive and i will have to get a smaller mobo as well Plus i want to do a custom loop
I plan to put only the cpu on the loop for now as the temps are not good enough with this aio for me (mayeb cuz its almost 6 years old)
and later after a year integrate the gpu into it as well as its still under warranty and if i put a water cooler on it it will void the warranty
So which case would be good for these requirements
Should i wait for nr200p max as it has a psu as well
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2021.09.26 12:27 Warc269 Mushroom Jarrarium with stuff I collected yesterday. Let's see how it's coming about.

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2021.09.26 12:27 FrontpageWatch2020 [#390|+2053|136] does this look good? bought it for 20$ a gram [r/weed]

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2021.09.26 12:27 drudgereport2020 Murders targeting sex workers in St. Louis under investigation by police, FBI

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