How do I get her to like me?

2021.10.26 22:21 _jun_17 How do I get her to like me?

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2021.10.26 22:21 Fit-Restaurant95 They all fled🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾

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2021.10.26 22:21 SryISucc Optimized Games

So i wanna get the new Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins game but it says "optimized for series x/s" and rn i only have an xbox one, so my question is can i still play a game on my standard xbox one even though it says "optimized for series x/s"?
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2021.10.26 22:21 ShortAlgo $CMCSA Waiting for Short signal on CMCSA with

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2021.10.26 22:21 Chupacabras5150 Today was a good day 🍻

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2021.10.26 22:21 NashGamer2000 I tried to draw my oc with an fnf theme (Probably not gonna make this a mod.)

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2021.10.26 22:21 Background-Text2003 Dropping out of high school.

I’m 16 and a Jr in high school. Everyday I wake up and DREAD driving myself and my sister (9th grade) to school, and sitting in class for hours on end with my ADHD kicking my ass. I’ve tried medicine and it just doesn’t help it at all. I don’t want to sound cocky but, i’m a hard worker and have always had a job since i was very young and am always doing physical work, I pride myself and being independent. My parents mom specifically I know she really wants to see my graduate and walk the stage. But i don’t feel like i can do this school anymore, it’s literally miserable. I know nobody like it but it’s different for me i can’t explain. I just need advice, my mom dropped out and is pretty successful so i feel like she would understand, she works very hard. I want to go to trade school for diesel mechanics. I need advice, i wouldn’t mind homeschooling but i want a real diploma not a homeschooling one. Please be serious as i am.
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2021.10.26 22:21 mrmartyman xqc loses his mind on a fall guys sniper

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2021.10.26 22:21 Ok_Astronomer5971 In Dante's Divine Comedy

What level of purgatory is it when you walk around the library/union etc. trying to find a place to study?
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2021.10.26 22:21 ShortAlgo $CLF Waiting for Short signal on CLF with

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2021.10.26 22:21 forestfoe Hot red face

My entire face is warm and red. My skin is typically very sensative but this is a new development. I wash with dove soap and use a light moisturizer. I haven't worn makeup for a few days as I was afraid that may be the cause or make it worse. Today I used Cortisone cream hoping it would soothe my skin but it did not.
I know you can't diagnose especially without a picture but any advice on how to calm and cool it would be most appreciated. Right now it feels really hot but not dry on the surface as if the rash is coming from beneath the skin.
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2021.10.26 22:21 Mabding Gemini $50 Bonus Wire Transfer + Can I withdraw USD from Gemini to my bank account for free?

I signed up for Gemini using the promo500 code but they took 2 days to verify my ID then required me to wire transfer and it was a weekend so I had to wait until the week after to do the wire transfer. I then transferred and traded $550 once they verified my identity and my bank account through that initial wire transfer.
I haven't received my advertised bonus of $50 in BTC however. I thought that could be because it took them more than 3 days from signing up to verify my identity, but that's really not my fault and I wasn't able to make any deposits or trades at the time. I contacted their support but they're not very responsive and I didn't get anywhere with them so far. Any advice on how to reach them quickly or is there anyone who had been through the same situation and got their sign up bonus?
On another note I really appreciate the 10 free monthly withdrawals from Gemini and I'm wondering if that counts when I'm cashing out. Let's say I have $200 in BTC in my Gemini account, can I change then into USD and withdraw them into my bank account as one of those 10 free monthly withdrawals or they consider this a swab and don't really count this as a withdrawal? I guess swapping isn't free for those first 10 free withdrawals either, right? Thanks a lot
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2021.10.26 22:21 Striking_Cockroach69 100% Natural Ayurvedic Vibrators

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2021.10.26 22:21 ShortAlgo $CAT Waiting for Short signal on CAT with

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2021.10.26 22:21 bepisdoggo2 Albo Monstera rotting??

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2021.10.26 22:21 redxsf This page …

I just wanna thank everyone and say how awesome this page is.
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2021.10.26 22:21 hhz This is insane

Bro days at a time all nighters. Benadryl Xanax oxy kpins Ambien norhing puts me too bed how could this be. If I stand up I’ll feel tired and yawn I lay down I’m hyper like I’m so angry I wanna rest
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2021.10.26 22:21 Starfox-sf So Sprint calls me...

Been getting daily calls with no voice mail from an 855 number. Find out it’s Sprint sales:
“We’re calling because of the Sprint CDMA shutdown.” Me: Great, I just upgraded the line that needed it “Well I see that you have two other lines that will no longer have service once shut down.”
My two “other” lines is a Pixel 4a 5g that TNX hasn’t rolled out to yet, and an ACPC MI line that TM is dragging its feet in making it TI or allowing TNX. Both are quite capable of running on TM SIM...

— Starfox
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2021.10.26 22:21 HoldenMadic Can I refuse to let TSA confiscate something?

I accidentally left a $300 pair of earbuds in my pocket and TSA stole them.
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2021.10.26 22:21 Miami-openmind BM9 with a few upgrades

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2021.10.26 22:21 expired__radish Do you think the devil could be considered a historical figure? Why or why not?

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2021.10.26 22:21 Fine_Statistician554 I can't stop buying them also I'm scared of what I have done

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2021.10.26 22:21 snapdragon529 Fluffers Furniture Catalog Island: Wednesday EDT Scheduled Sessions

This post is for FURNITURE ISLAND only.
Please read through the required reading linked below before commenting on a time slot.
ALL SESSIONS IN EDT: (check google for a conversion)
Scheduled time indicates start time for session. Full experience has been running around 2-2.5 hours.
11am EDT: - Open - Open
3pm EDT: - Open - Open
7pm EDT: - Open - Open
Required Reading on Glitches
I will reach out with a 👋 via CHAT when your session is available. If I don’t hear back 30 min into scheduled session, I’ll move onto waitlist if available. If you don’t hear from ME with 5 min of the scheduled session, please message me. I’m distracted.
Subreddit Flair Requirement
How to Assign Flair on Mobile
List Management and DODO Communication
Island Hours
Information on Cataloging / Etiquette
Island Freebie Information
Visits to catalog island are free. Check out my note on donations
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2021.10.26 22:21 nenes_wigs Which was your favorite Kylie Halloween costume?

View Poll
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2021.10.26 22:21 RainyAK My Father's Breakfast

My father (77) texts me a picture of his breakfast every day. He needed to change the way he was eating for health reasons and it was kind of bumming him out. His sweet wife makes him these stylish breakfasts now. You're never too old for sunny side up smiley eggs, made with love.
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