Blind and fellow aspi wanting to ask some questions.

2021.10.26 21:39 FantasyBooksForever Blind and fellow aspi wanting to ask some questions.

Hi all,
As expressed in the title, I’m blind and autistic myself. It took a long time to receive acknowledgement of my struggles because of overlaps with aspi traits and “blindisms” if not critically examined closely enough. I’m doing a digital ethnography on this subreddit and was hoping you all could answer some questions I have.
Has being a part of this community changed you? Why or why not? How has it changed you, if at all?

  1. What lead you to joining autismtranslated? When did you join? Is there something specific that prompted you to seek out this community? What circumstances were you in upon your discovery of this group?
  2. What are aspects of this specific Autism community that differ from other Autism communities? Why do you think this is? Is it positive, negative, or otherwise?
  3. What are aspects of this Reddit community that you feel differ from other Reddit communities as a hole? (As in, non Autism related communities.) What are the positives and negatives of these differences? Do you think there are differences? Why or why not?
  4. Have you ever direct messaged a member of autismtranslated? If so, how did it go? Describe your experience. Were you able to establish a new friendship?
  5. For those of you who have been long-lasting members, has this group evolved at all since it's initial conception? If so, how?
  6. I've noticed people will use this subreddit as a way to decode their own behaviors they're struggling to understand. If you are such an individual that has utilized this subreddit in that way, were you influenced by the comments you received in response? Did the advice the comments you received lead to any action on your part in regards to the situation you posted about? How did you feel about the validating responses or lack there of you received? Describe with detail if possible.
  7. For those of you that are neurotypicals in this community, why did you choose to join?
  8. I've noticed that there doesn't appear to be any events that bring this group together. If my observation is accurate, do you wish this wasn't the case? Why or why not?
  9. What connection do you feel to others in this group?
  10. Do you disclose to people outside of the autismtranslated community that you participate in this subreddit? How have people responded? How did their response impact you? How do you try to explain this subreddit to non-members? Do you even bother? Why or why not?
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2021.10.26 21:39 HumanBehaviourNerd How to Gaslight book

Hi Everyone,
I have been studying Gaslighting and psychological manipulation for decades, with a solid focus on it for the last 7 years. My goal was to discover why human beings employ Gaslighting so often, what makes human beings so susceptible to Gaslighting and where Gaslighting finished -> what wasn't Gaslighting. I completed much of those decades of research late last year.
I started writing a book as soon as I finished my research. The book is an in-depth instructional on how to Gaslight. Not how to repair yourself after being Gaslighted. Not how to stop yourself from being Gaslighted. An instructional for people who want to be expert Gaslighters, who want to know the exact brain structures, human behaviours and flaws Gaslighting leverages and how to use those flaws intentionally, for a specific outcome.
Is this a book you would like to read or see available on shelves?
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2021.10.26 21:39 No-Doughnut-8368 Convert USD to NZD

Just a regular question, but can't seem to find the answer if anyone could help me out!
I bought some BTC through USDT, but I am currently in NZ and now all my funds show in USD. Is there a way to convert it into NZD?
Thank you!
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2021.10.26 21:39 cbvv1992 🔥40% Off Code – $7.79 Matching Letter Game Learning Toys (3 colors)

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2021.10.26 21:39 Aromatic-Monitor-262 So, when do you think Nintendo will remaster these Wii Gems?

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2021.10.26 21:39 kijof As lésbicas acusadas de transfobia por recusarem sexo com mulheres trans - BBC News Brasil

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2021.10.26 21:39 queencity1982 Dr. Wong on anti vaxx.

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2021.10.26 21:39 RiskSkater 1 is for poop and the second is dope

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2021.10.26 21:39 NoNameMan1231 Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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2021.10.26 21:39 Faxxie Scare pewdiepie 2? Steps From Above version!🙌 Pp touching floor big!🎃👻

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2021.10.26 21:39 immortal-possum-Paul What time is current pass removed?

I really want to know
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2021.10.26 21:39 turkeymeese The more you look at it, the more faces there are… especially in the middle

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2021.10.26 21:39 ihalov How do I cut off my ex-bestfriend who wants to rekindle our friendship?

Hello everyone,
Long story short I had a rocky friendship with this girl name Susie (let's just call her that).
Susie and I were friends since elementary school. We are almost mid 20s now.
Since I could remember Susie always made me the butt of her jokes and was always condescending towards me about my weight. She used to make fun of my size all the time to the point where I'd talk about something that had nothing to do with my weight.
For example I remember seeing this mermaid wedding dress on TV and I exclaimed it was beautiful. Her response was "god you'd look awful in that"
Years later when we go to college we decided to live together. Big mistake.
She slept with my boyfriend behind my back and cheated on my other best friend who she was dating at the same time. I remember the night she made me and her girlfriend drink a lot and hurried us off to bed as she sucked off my boyfriend.
I only dated my boyfriend for two months and when I confronted her about the cheating, she told me she did me a favor because apparently he confessed to being a pedo and molesting his niece....I was in absolute shock and felt sick. Thank God I never slept with him but she did. Several times. And still lied to my face about it when she texted it to our other friends.
Well I got sick of her shit, lost weight, and signed up for a job out of the country and left her and the apartment we shared.
Same girl she cheated on and who was also my bff committed suicide shortly after I left. She was very in love with Susie and I can only imagine the cheating was one of the reasons she committed suicide.
Susie sends me a message that she died while I'm at work and I tell her she helped caused our friends death and I never wanted to see her again.
So 5 years passed that we didn't talk.
Last year Susie found out I got married and sent me a letter on FB that I didn't deserve love and that I was awful person because I dated a pedo - like the ONLY REASON I FOUND OUT WAS BECAUSE SHE TOLD ME THAT, I had NO IDEA and I broke up with him as soon as I found out he cheated. Then she said I was horrible because I left messes in the apartment and accused me of all kind of shit that wasn't true. Then she told me I was a "walking eating disorder waiting to die". Then she sent some disturbing music videos saying "this is about you you'll never change".
Well long story short I decided to make peace between us. Even after all the horrible shit she said. She apologized and said deep down she missed me.
We met up and it felt like old times. I had a great time in fact.
But now that we keep meeting up, I can tell she is still set in her old ways. She's still fucking married men and made me super uncomfortable when she said my husband was hot.
Last conversation we had I asked how her roommate was doing who used to be my friend. Susie response was "oh she doesn't like you and she's loyal to me"
Like wtf??? I was just asking how she was.
I'm scared to tell her I don't wanna be her friend again. I'm just getting bad vibes. I don't wish anything bad on her but I want nothing to do with her anymore. I don't think she's changed at all like she said. She keeps messaging me to hang out.
Idk what to do
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2021.10.26 21:39 joshperugini81 If you get confused, listen to the music play

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2021.10.26 21:39 sodisismylifenow Last picture of my grandfather before the nurse came to confirm he was gone and 2 hours before the funeral came to get him.

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2021.10.26 21:39 sendmeotterpicsplz I just got into sewing and the teaching staff is dressing as minions so I thought is make my costume. As a beginner I'm happy how this came out!

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2021.10.26 21:39 ConnectivityBroker Performance Issues Nano Station M5 - Non-profit homeless shelters | Need Help

I've been helping a non-profit shelter organization with some of their sites to provide wifi to their clients and guests through out their large open campus and locations.
Their camera provider installs nanostation m5's at each pole to connect and "daisy chain" to the next hop and pole ( can range from 10 ft to 100ft). This works well for their cameras and is reliable. They are not experts at the Ubiquiti's but can configure them enough to get them working for their needs. I have had some experience setting up and troubleshooting them but I'm giving up.
When we started adding WiFi AP's to each Pole and switch connected to the bridges (M5), some locations worked great and we could get 100M off wifi at the opposite end of the campus.
Recently, we have had 3 sites that are just not cooperating and the throughput after about 3 hops is very poor. I'm able to get 15ms pings but the bandwidth drops to about 10 to 25% of what I can get at the first AP/ Bridge. WiFi internet is just not usable for the case managers for browsing let alone zoom meetings. I've tried the following:

  1. Go down to 10/20/30Mhz
  2. Tried to lower the power settings on both sides,
  3. DFS restricted channels
  4. Turn off airMAX, etc
  5. Upgraded and matched firmware.
What else can I try and if anyone is available to donate an hour or two remotely, I can go onsite to show you the config and try a few things? I've spent days at each site to research and try what I could. Thanks in advance
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2021.10.26 21:39 HipsterImpostor Wine buzzed, listening to music

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2021.10.26 21:39 dot100 Is buying a squid industries 50 dollar squiddy trainer or should I buy a better one ?

I had bought a balisong trainer in 2020 but it looks run down and it does not flip well I thought about the squiddy trainer for 50$ is it a good balisong or should I get a better one?
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2021.10.26 21:39 Dbzfanatic99 Alita

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2021.10.26 21:39 TomCos22 The joker pfp really ties it together.

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2021.10.26 21:39 SexandTrees Ain't that some shit

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2021.10.26 21:39 Heather_Sketch Pumpkins this year!

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2021.10.26 21:39 RosesOfGlass Bonne convention linguistique

Bonne convention linguistique
Bonjour, je suis une élève du secondaire en ontario dans une école francophone. Mon français n’est pas très soutenu car je suis la seule dans la maison qui parle français. Aussi, la majorité de gens ici d’où je vis parle l’anglais.
Récemment, mon enseignant de français m’a dit que mon français “ne fait pas de sense”🙄 et elle m’a donné un note qui est très bas. Elle a dit que mes conventions linguistique ne fait pas de sense. Je comprends à une certaine mesure mais c’est commentaires ne veux rien dire pour moi.
Mais je suis assez au courant que mon français est assez faible au niveau globale.
Je veux améliorer la qualité de mes travaux écrites. Alors, est-ce qu’il y a quelqu’un ici qui connaît des livres, manuels ou d’autres ressources que je peux utiliser pour utiliser un très bon français? Merci :)
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2021.10.26 21:39 bayca27 There is an ancient tower in the middle of the North Atlantic (Part 3) let me know what you all think

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