Made a wizard variant. He shoots magic bone spears for his primary that are strong but accurate, and his charged attack shoots a large homing bone that briefly stuns plants.

2021.10.26 20:55 frickoffdummy Made a wizard variant. He shoots magic bone spears for his primary that are strong but accurate, and his charged attack shoots a large homing bone that briefly stuns plants.

Made a wizard variant. He shoots magic bone spears for his primary that are strong but accurate, and his charged attack shoots a large homing bone that briefly stuns plants. submitted by frickoffdummy to PvZGardenWarfare [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 20:55 SeattleTO 2021 Advent calendar recommendations?

Anyone have any recommendations for good bourbon advent calendars for 2021? I've seen one from Flaviar, but wondering if there are others out there that are recommended? Thanks!
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2021.10.26 20:55 luizeco would someone be interested in acquire this Stanley N° 289?

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2021.10.26 20:55 lilJamieEllsworth [RATIO'D] The Dub sleeper cell has been activated! All Dubbalo Soldiers are reporting in! Vince's days are numbered!

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2021.10.26 20:55 iisspecialboi The view from Parma park this evening

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2021.10.26 20:55 Professional_Word630 M43

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2021.10.26 20:55 Hyperion1144 “With both middle fingers up”: Elementary school principal arrested after neighborhood dispute – WFTV

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2021.10.26 20:55 Cpark92 Can anyone help identifying the animal for this bone?

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2021.10.26 20:55 _MySmileIsExtinct_ who is this house nigger again? and why is this nigger wearing a suit? shouldn't he be in the fields?

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2021.10.26 20:55 boris_keys As if our tax dollars weren’t enough!

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2021.10.26 20:55 JoeCash89 Sheesh

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2021.10.26 20:55 Marques5080 The pain.

Probably this shit will be extremely long but I don’t give a shit. I never told this in detail to no one and it’s about a pain that lasts for almost 3 years. I found this the best place cause none of the involved people uses Reddit, I guess. I don’t even have courage to tell this story in my native language so I’ll try in English. So basically in the beginning of 10th grade (I am a senior now) some new people got into the school and among them there was a girl. At the first look she didn’t look different from the others, just a girl whom I knew nothing about and that was kinda cute. I didn’t talked to her in the first week, the first time we talked was when a friend asked for company to go somewhere and both of us went. We had a little chit chat and yeah everything normal. The following weeks we talked to each other sometimes adding something I liked about her, she enjoyed physical contact while talking (arm around the neck and stuff like that) and I liked it, since I am introvert I don’t feel comfortable sometimes with that, but she was an extrovert girl that made me really ok with it. Someday we went on a school trip into the night! A night walk in the mountain from 21h to 4h something unusual but was really cool! That night I found the real (let’s call her Mary) Mary and it was like…I can’t describe the feeling. All the energy around that girl was magic. As she later would describe, that was the night when she finally showed who she truly was. The next day I woke up, still processing the past night, and I knew something, that Mary was special, as I said I couldn’t describe neither the feeling, neither anything around it, but I just knew she was not one of the bottle. From that day she became my official crush. And it was like that for a few days…the real problem here was that I told my “friend” (I don’t talk to that sob anymore)about it. A normal friend would keep the secret but this one just blew it all. He grabbed my phone and texted her “I like you” and I wasn’t able to delete it. Then the message no one wants to see arrived “sorry I don’t see you that way”, I got rejected. A few days after it, not wanting to face the defeat I opened my heart and wrote her a poem. I told her I had written her something and gave it to her. Hours later another text, “I really liked your poem but my answer is still no”. I got sad honestly but even though we barely had any contact besides just looking at each other on the corridors and a hug she gave me after I gave her happy birthday, my stupid dreaming mind never quit the possibility of someday, she feeling the same way as I did. Then the corona virus arrived. We got stuck at home with online classes. I finally had some contact with her again, we were like in calls with other 3 or 4 people at the begging of quarantine. Sometimes she asked me for help with the homework and stuff like that, and that was it for a considerable amount of time. Finally probably the most weird WhatsApp conversation someone in the entire history happened. We started flirting with each other (I don’t remember why) and for like 2 hours we had a mix between sexting and messing around. Honestly I don remember much of it, but of course I enjoyed it. This was probably the best time to try to make her fall for me, but I was a fucking idiot and didn’t messaged her after it. All the times we talked she was the one starting, and looking back to that time if I had put a little more effort into it…never mind, unfortunately this ain’t the end. On the summer I had a depression, so I wasn’t thinking about her very much. When I started thinking about her again, I tried to talk to other girls to try to forget her, and I was able to until April of the next year (now with us on junior year). Then the feeling returned, I mean it had never left, it was in a “box”. I only have one rational reason why the feeling “broken the locker of the box”, I was in love. I knew that before of course, but I tried to made it go away, what unfortunately isn’t possible. We didn’t talk since almost a year, but my feeling was still there, the thoughts about her on my head were still there. It continued like this for…until now actually. Every day I need to hide my love, because if Mary finds out I love her, I know I’ll be again rejected and I can’t deal with rejection again…not from that special girl. Only a few friends of mine know I still like her, and i deny and don’t talk about it even when they ask me. Now this week and the last one she has been talking to me and sometimes even flirting I guess, and I enjoy it. I know I can’t have her but I enjoy it with every cell of my body. And we finally arrived to the point of all this. Guess what I found out today? She is dating some guy. And it’s not some random dude, it’s her best friends brother, which is 3 years older and is already in college. Probably this was a new I didn’t knew how to handle, i just can’t stop thinking about her right now… The special girl, the one with that indescribable energy, the girl I love…knowing it’s impossible to be with her has never hurt me so badly. This makes me think…if we were in a movie there would be some plot twist and I’d end up with her. In a book it would happen the same. But you know what poetry and real life have in common? Rejection. The worst kind possible. Anyway I don’t have anything else to say, if you read all this, sorry for spending minutes of your precious life with my bullshits. And “Mary” wherever you are in this moment I just want you to know one thing: amo-te❤️
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2021.10.26 20:55 Loose-Possible466 Ask me a question and I'll respond in ebonics

For those unaware of what ebonics is it's broken English
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2021.10.26 20:55 toofIy Halloween pass removed from inventory

anyone got their halloween pass removed from their inventory? I was doing a mission and it popped up again so i went to check and it was gone
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2021.10.26 20:55 allaboutsims Things are getting spooky! - Sims 4 - Paranormal - Mini-Series - Spooky Season - Part 2

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2021.10.26 20:55 Annual-Cicada-1217 i've seen enough, i'm satisfied :troll: (credit goes to @inuinu_6 [display name: ALEX] on twitter)

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2021.10.26 20:55 Longjumping-Bag4265 😢😳😊😳😠😂😆 guys look I’m using emojis

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2021.10.26 20:55 necessarycoot72 You and a super intelligent snail both get 1 million dollars, and you both become immortal, however you die if the snail touches you. It always knows where you are and slowly crawls toward you.

First things first - That million dollars is practically worthless compared to immortality. Ever dime of that cash can and should be spent ensuring that the snail never, ever reaches me.
First things first, I keep an eye on him. It's tempting to want to hop on a plane or a train and get as far away as possible. But once I do that, he's gone and I'll never see him again until 3am on July 14th, 2072, when the sneaky little cuss slips in the door and slimes onto me before I ever wake up and notice him No, I'm going to be within visual distance of the snail, slowly moving away from it, until Snail Containment Plan Part A is done.
Next I grab my phone. I call up someone I can trust with my life, and tell them to come to my location within the hour, and to bring a metal cash box, a good padlock, and a firearm. Once they arrive, I inform them of the deal and ask them to grab the snail, shove it into the metal box, and lock it up.
Once the snail is temporarily secured, I ask my friend to carry around the box, never letting it out of their sight, and to prevent its opening with as much force as is required. We arrive at some reasonable figure for this service - Maybe $50,000.
Now we can start in on the real work. I'm on the phone again, contracting with a tungsten machining service out of Willowbrook, IL. I ask them to construct for me a hollow tungsten sphere with a small, sealable opening, ideally via both exterior bolts and sintering. I ask them for a rush job and a thick wall depth, perhaps as much as a foot thick. The spherical shape should keep material costs as low as possible for a given thickness, but between the unusual object, large amount of tungsten, and speedy delivery, I invest a truly insane amount into this project - Let's say $100,000. I ask them to deliver it to my current location as fast as possible.
Once the tungsten ball arrives, I have my friend stand well away from me and transfer the snail into the center of the sphere. I ask them to pour a little salt down into the hole after it, just to give the snail a little reminder of who he's dealing with. Once snail and salt are both inside, we seal the hollow sphere with the bolts.
Tungsten is an amazing material. Incredibly tough, dense, and heat-resistant. You could drop it into molten lava and it wouldn't matter. Which, coincidentally, is almost what I'd like to do next.
Now we make sure that damn thing stays shut. I find the nearest metal refinery and call them up. I also contract with a heavy machinery moving company to move the tungsten sphere to the refinery. Once the refinery has sintered the tungsten sphere shut, I buy an entire industrial crucible (those big buckets) of molten iron. And the crucible the iron came in. I have them drop the tungsten sphere into the molten iron, and let the whole mass cool in place. Mr. Snaily snail ain't going anywhere, but I'm probably down another $100,000.
Now I'm on the phone to specialist movers. Chartering a boat. We're taking this thing halfway around the word. We take the boat right over the marianas trench - Not the deepest point, but deep enough - We push the whole assembly over the side. Literal tons of once-molten iron, refinery crucible, tungsten, salt, and snail slip over the side and begin dropping into the briny deep. Another $100,000 gone, but well worth the cost.
Good. That's bought me a little breathing room. But we're not anywhere close to done yet. I still have at least $500,000 left. I'm going to invest it into solid business ventures and slow growing but secure assets. We're building a fortune - And who cares if it takes a few centuries? I'm frickin' immortal baby!
But as I develop my fortune, it's getting invested into space. SpaceX, asteroid mining projects, whatever. I am trapped on the one planet in the entire universe where I can actually die, and I have no intention of staying there.
Over the millennia, I slowly apply my fortune and influence to push mankind to the stars. And the moment living on another planet becomes viable, I'm there. And the instant a habitable planet is around another star? I'm on the first generation ship heading that direction.
But I can't think in such a short sighted manner now. I'm immortal, and I need to think like it. Eventually, the sun is going to burn the earth to a crisp, and then that damn snail is going to be free. It might take him a few million years to land on something, but he'll do it eventually. And then he will construct a spacecraft and begin crawling towards me again.
What I care about now is lightcones and black holes. Earth's gotta go. Sorry whatever's left of humanity. We evacuate anyone still on the old planet, and use a gravity tractor to push Earth into a black hole. A nice, big one so that hawking radiation will take an incredibly long time to evaporate it away into nothing.
And then I board a ship. A fast ship. I accelerate to as close to lightspeed as I can get, piloting directly away from the black hole with the snail inside. I want to be so far away and moving so quickly that the heat death of the universe would occur far, far before the snail ever reaches me, even on the fastest ship his freakishly clever little brain can construct.
So that's the way the universe ends. With nothing it in except for infrared heat, one hyperintelligent snail suspended in an inky void, and one human screaming away from it at .99C.
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2021.10.26 20:55 dunkin1980 Rising Prices, Once Seen as Temporary, Threaten Biden's Agenda

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2021.10.26 20:55 AlbertJackBangkok 94% of Thais still concerned about country reopening

94% of Thais still concerned about country reopening
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2021.10.26 20:55 Willing-Notice-5990 Mail day!! Pidgeotto and Pokémon Trader came in. Finishes the cards I need to complete my base set. I have a couple base set 2 cards inside that I will replace when I get the base set copy. Now time to focus on another set lol

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2021.10.26 20:55 Classic_Rock_726 Debbie Gibson - Foolish Beat

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2021.10.26 20:55 atemple1977 Tuesday's Inspiration

Allow yourself to feel your emotions.
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2021.10.26 20:55 legendaryweredragon Parrots eating a flower

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2021.10.26 20:55 Schaffer2466 Radian ambi selector issue

Hey guys any help would be much appreciated. I just put together my lmt defender lower and installed my radian ambi selector. When I install it in the 45° configuration it doesn't give enough clearance to actuate the trigger anyone else ever have this issue?
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