Long post, oops.

2021.10.26 21:05 AlwaysBlameDavid Long post, oops.

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2021.10.26 21:05 KingCarlosss Let’s get it. Asap. 2903 6749 7556

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2021.10.26 21:05 killasquid The tracks is the main brain

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2021.10.26 21:05 targareyin second withdrawal after relapse, 40th day off

so it's been a (double) living hell as you know, but some symptoms are still unknown if its my body collapsing or just the withdrawal or if my body is collapsing because of the withdrawal. but im really worried about my complete lack of energy, its kinda scary. i just sleep and sleep and still, my body can't seem to work at all. it feels like my body unlearned how to operate, im incapable of doing anything except being immobile all day all night. feels like my face is always burning hot (no fever tho) and i can't think or communicate properly because my brain is numb and im always exhausted. is that usual?
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2021.10.26 21:05 CovidAccountant Will my current agency know if I accept a TO?

I have been working for my current agency for about 4 months now (first federal job and it's the excepted service). After 4 months I realize that this job is not for me and I am actively applying to other positions. Recently I received a TO for another position. I am not 100% sold on the position right now as there are some logistical issues, but I only have about 24 more hours to accept or decline the TO. Will my current agency know if I accept the TO? I'm afraid they will find out and let me go as I am still in the probationary period but I would rather have a job I don't like then no job if I end up not getting the FO or the logistical issues cause me to decline it.
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2021.10.26 21:05 Adorable_Community_3 3:55 |Sarah Genevive| Passeando na roça 🐄🐣🐔

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2021.10.26 21:05 NSFWdw thanksgiving lunch

Anybody know if someplace is doing a Thanksgiving brunch buffet? The Airport Hilton restaurant is already fully booked. I asked on knoxville but the mods removed my post for some reason.
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2021.10.26 21:05 dheieh Mastersounds radius 2 with TAD Exclusive 2301s

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2021.10.26 21:05 Ok-Neighborhood1865 SLS was never behind schedule. The schedule was a hoax.

David Willis’s tweet tweet about the SLS schedule slip today made me remember something. In 2016, I read on Wikipedia that Exploration Mission 2 (as Artemis 2 was called back then) was scheduled for 2023, but that the team was working on an “aggressive internal goal” of 2021.
Sure enough, I found an article from 2015 that details EM-2 being delayed to 2023. This is at a time when SLS’s first launch was still scheduled for 2018.
SLS’s first launch has slipped by four years since then, but EM-2/Artemis 2’s launch date has slipped by only seven months since 2015!
How does this make sense? I think SLS’s schedule was always a political hoax - the engineering managers internally knew it would never launch by 2016 or 2017. But if they had presented Congress a rocket that would launch in 10 years instead of 5, they never would have funded them.
SLS - Senate Lies System?
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2021.10.26 21:05 HoneydewCapable5273 Stuck

Hello everyone, so this is my only actual idea to get anonymous help with my predicament. I’ve known my friend group for 8 years, but I’m ready to cut them out of my life but it’s extremely hard considering we all still hang out and play games and talk. What approach should I take?
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2021.10.26 21:05 WorldNewsinPictures ACT Will be Campaigning to Return Stolen Property to Councils. We Will Reverse Three Waters And Restore Democracy to New Zealand. If Labour Steals it, ACT Will Give it Back.

ACT will be campaigning to return stolen property to councils. We will reverse Three Waters and restore democracy to New Zealand. If Labour steals it, ACT will give it back. I like your thinking. Labour have been known to do this too with Gang money.... MORE -> https://worldnewsinpictures.com/councils
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2021.10.26 21:05 fhx74 Yum

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2021.10.26 21:05 SailorSin77 First pie dough from scratch ✔️ First lattice ✔️ First decoration from scraps ✔️

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2021.10.26 21:05 nutellaeater Coyote Hills Sunrise

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2021.10.26 21:05 GarlicFair1462 This fuck has threatened to kill cats

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2021.10.26 21:05 IsntSheLovelyUhNoIug Me: I don’t have a type/ My two Li:

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2021.10.26 21:05 therealswigstein 150 People Arrested In US-Europe Darknet Drug Probe

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2021.10.26 21:05 soular-eclipse gotta check

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2021.10.26 21:05 Holdontoyourweed Join my stream just chilling and skiing 💎💎🖤

My names Alex. Dm if u need more details. Going to “Rehab” tom lol pics provided
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2021.10.26 21:05 swtyson84 Hold the line boys!!!

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2021.10.26 21:05 HaTzoref Legal Advocacy Group Seeks University of Massachusetts Inquiry Over Altercation at Anti-Israel Rally

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2021.10.26 21:05 lsatlagon Test Limit Appeal

Did anyone try to appeal on test limits?
Due to cancellation of score and it eats out one of your attempt ?
Does technical issues count as valid reason ?
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2021.10.26 21:05 Kurt_Dangle_07 Insinkerator question.

Newer Badger 1 , is it normal for these blades to have some play? Not quite a yr old I never really checked previously.
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2021.10.26 21:05 therealswigstein Senior Sudanese Diplomat: Coup Won’t End Israel Normalization

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2021.10.26 21:05 Sunshine_at_Midnight Help for kid struggling with reading & writing

A 10 year old boy I nanny has been having a lot of trouble doing his reading and writing homework. He finally revealed to me that he can't see the pictures in his mind (and his parents don't allow graphic novels for his assigned reading time because they're "comic books aren't real books" kind of people). That seems to be making reading miserable and writing difficult (he seems like he may also have dyslexia, so of course that doesn't help, and didn't get early intervention so he has the "this is difficult but asking for help is cheating" mentality that just makes him upset).
I would love to be able to help him have less stress around reading and writing. I know reading isn't fun for him at all (especially fiction), and writing is hard because he can't visualize how to fill in the blanks between parts of his stories (at least this is what he's told me; I'm sure there's more to it than that). Most of the strategies I've been taught for "making reading fun" involve visualizing, so they are not helpful.
Do any of you have suggestions or strategies that you wish people had used with you at that age? Or things you wish had been avoided?
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