25 M failed MSE. Is my posterior crossbite amenable to just dental expansion with Invisalign/bands? For aesthetics, no breathing issues. Want to avoid SARPE surgery

2021.10.26 22:07 MrKeiserRolls 25 M failed MSE. Is my posterior crossbite amenable to just dental expansion with Invisalign/bands? For aesthetics, no breathing issues. Want to avoid SARPE surgery

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2021.10.26 22:07 GatorFootball Anyone trade MACD crossover on SPY?

I’ve been backtesting almost the entire 2021 on the 15min chart by taking the first MACD crossover candle short (when above 0 line) or long (when below the 0 line) with no other indicators and it’s been pretty damn profitable. Anyone doing this today?
FWIW: 2:1 risk to reward is netting about a 50% win rate and when counting “wins” where they don’t hit the 2:1 profit target but ARE profitable, it’s running about a 63% win rate.
And yes, I’m actually looking at what I would “do” in the trade when backtesting meaning sometimes SPY won’t hit the stop loss nor the profit target so I guesstimate where I’d get out.
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2021.10.26 22:07 WrestleNova WWE News: Bron Breakker & Amari Miller’s NXT Themes Released, New Brie Bella Video

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2021.10.26 22:07 -en- @Reuters: Grupo Carso says repairing Mexico's collapsed metro could cost $40 mln https://t.co/m4KglIOKnk https://t.co/7tLG832kME

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2021.10.26 22:07 JoJopama Coinbase CEO Says SEC v Ripple Case 'Going Better Than Expected' — Investors Hopeful XRP Will Be Relisted Soon – Altcoins Bitcoin News

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2021.10.26 22:07 nsg_Kuunda Uhura

Does it weird anybody out a little bit that season 3 Uhura is so much different from season 1 Uhura? I'm working my way through TOS. Earlyish on now in season 3. But it's been striking me how we don't hear any singing, or as much poetry in the personality of Uhura as we did early on. - And this is plot relevant. It had an in universe explanation. I'm a little vague on the details now, but. During one of the earlier episodes Uhura was subject to some which which erased her mind. - Now by the end of the episode the nurse has said she's relearning quickly and already to a grade school level after what seems like less than a day. But the plot and series just kind of seem to move on from this early episode event. And it seems to me like it both explains what seem to me as differences in the personality of Uhura. (I'm just at the episode with the psychic kids who manipulated adults by influencing what they see, and it feels like early Uhura might have dealt with that situation a little better.) And also why we don't see Uhura making music at all later in the series. - Or maybe we do and I just haven't got to it yet. And it just strikes me as odd seeing the difference between how the crew moved on from that Uhura moment VS the entire plot of the "Spock's Brain" episode. - On an unrelated side note. I am enjoying how impactful the human women from Vulcan are in Spock's life. First Michael Burnham. Then Miranda Jones. Also makes me a bit excited for seeing more Uhura when I plan to finish rewatching the kelvin timeline movies.
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2021.10.26 22:07 Kkxkazuston Mailman to Messiah V2 | Launching 10/26 at 9PM Eastern

Mailman To Messiah V2 -- Launching 10/26/21 at 9PM Eastern time!!!
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Why $MMM? We based this coin on the Crypto Messiah himself. The Crypto Messiah started his adult career as a mailman and now he's a Crypto GENIUS. The goal of this coin is to honor his name for all he has done for this community and try to get him some more followers. He is the true Messiah of the crypto world. We are hoping to gain support from the Messiah himself to help launch our coin into outer space. We are planning on donating to different GoFundMe pages that are dedicated to mail deliverers who need help. Join our telegram to interact with our community and show the Messiah how much you appreciate him.
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Rebase Feature!
Telegram: https://t.me/MailmanToMessiah
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MailtoMessiah
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2021.10.26 22:07 kq123456 [Request] Chemerinsky - Federal Jurisdiction 8th Edition

Looking for a PDF of this one. 7th edition could also work.
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2021.10.26 22:07 Lazy-Personality4024 A Universe of Magic Chapter 37

Frist Previous
The shades were deafening, their screams of pain drowning out whatever Grudge was trying to tell Chris.
“WHAT!”, Chris yelled, as he cut down another shade that tried to rise. They were still in the square, trying to cut their way out, but there were hundreds of shades in the square alone. Possibly even a thousand if you counted the ones in the street, and Chris could see more hiding away in the buildings; who knows how many out in the rest of the city.
“I SAID! WE NEED TO GET TO AYLA!”, Grudge yelled back, louder than before.
“YEAH NO SHIT! BUT WHICH WAY!?”, Chris shot off a blade of wind while stomping on a shade’s head.
Grudge crushed a shade’s eyes with his hammer, while bashing another with his shield. “CAN’T REMEMBER! JUST GET OUT OF THE SQUARE FOR NOW!”
“GOT IT! WE HAVE ABOUT FIVE MINUTES UNTIL I HAVE TO FIRE ANOTHER FLARE, AND I DON’T HAVE VERY MANY!”, a shade grabbed Chris’s leg, he stabbed down at it, crushing an eye, and causing it to release its hold.
“THEN KILL FASTER!”, Grudge roared as he practically stampeded through a mass of writhing shades, crushing their eyes under his weight. He was making his way toward a boulevard that emptied into the square, they didn’t know if it was the correct one, but it was a way out. Chris followed, swinging his sword at any nearby shades, and firing off wind spells at anything beyond its reach that tried to stand.
As Grudge continued to charge on, Chris could hear what sounded like glass breaking with their every step. Some of the weaker shades were already dying off, leaving their eyes behind. ‘Oof. I’m practically walking on gold. Grudge won’t be happy, but we have to get out of here alive for him to be pissed.’
As they made their way closer to the edge of the square, something red caught Chris’ eye, off to his left. It quickly drew closer, before he could fully turn his head to look at it, it had flown past his head, crashing into several shades further away. It was a ball of flames and Chris only knew one person who knew that spell, and was comfortable enough to shoot it at his face.
“AYLA!”, Chris cried out, getting Grudge attention. Chris pointed to the opposite edge of the square. Standing under a ball of light, was Ayla, currently in the process of cutting down several nearby shades. Since the two hadn’t seen her standing there, and were moving away from her, she elected to fire a ball of flame at them to get their attention, it worked at least.
“WELL, FACK! GUESS WE TURN AROUND THEN!”, Grudge yelled out as he changed directions, stomping and swinging his way over to Ayla.
“TWO MINUTES LEFT! GRUDGE KEEP PUTTING THEM DOWN! I’M GOING TO SHOOT ANOTHER FLARE!”, Chris put his sword away, and pulled off his flare launcher, loading it with one of the spare flares in his rig. He pointed the launcher up, and without looking, pulled the trigger, sending the flare sailing through the air. It too quickly unfurled and lit. While the intensity of light did not increase, its longevity was now nearly doubled. If there was any shade still on the ground once the trio left the square, they wouldn’t survive the second flare. ‘Maybe I should classify flares as a WMD? The thing is about to kill hundreds of shades, surely that counts as “mass destruction”?’, he cracked a smile at his own joke, and the absurdity of the situation they were in.
Switching out the launcher for his sword once more, he continued their running massacre. Grudge had finally met up with Ayla, and was at the edge of her illumination spell’s radius, finishing off any errant shades.
“DON’T WAIT FOR ME JUST RUN! I CAN CATCH UP!”, Chris screamed as he made his way forward.
Grudge, happily took off, but Ayla wasn’t keen on leaving Chris behind temporarily. Seeing that she wasn’t following, Grudge grabbed her, and began pulling her with him. Relenting, she turned and ran alongside him, but still looking back at Chris.
After several more shades attempted to grab onto him, Chris finally broke free from the square, and chased after the duo. In the process, he noticed a shade on the ground, hand outstretched. “Hola fuckface!”, he said has he kicked the shade in the head and continued to run after the two.
Thankfully, due to his position when he fired off the second flare, it covered more of the boulevard than the first flare. Helping beat back many of the shades for Ayla and Grudge. While the boulevard wasn’t as choked as the one leading from the repository, it still held quite a few shades.
Chris soon pulled alongside his friends, and joined in their fight. They continued to run through the city, fending off groups of shades, eventually Grudge led them down a small side street. Telling them a signpost they passed pointed to the gate being in this general direction, and that they should be able to cut through a wealthier residential section of the city instead of take the main routes, hopefully shaving off some time and encountering less shades. After running for a while, they managed to lose any pursuing shades, and came across a small square with a fountain in the center. Remarkably, water still bubbled up through its stem, and fell down into the multi-tiered basins below.
Now that they were safe for the time being, and the majority of the screaming was behind them, they could finally talk without yelling at each other. Chris pointed to a home with a walled courtyard, the gate leading into the courtyard was open, allowing them passage without them having to break in. They entered the courtyard and found the door to the home off to the right, Chris tried the door, which swung inward, revealing a dusty, but eloquently decorated vestibule. Looking past an archway leading further into the home, Chris could see the inside was decorated in a similar fashion.
“Oooo, fancy.”, he said in a mock, stuck up voice, as he walked in.
“Chris, while you were catching up to us, Grudge and I decided it is best to leave the city immediately. We will make our way to the main gate, and out of the city.”
“I figured as much, we just need to find the way out now.”, he responded.
Grudge carefully closed the door behind them. “Aye, but don’t expect this to end once we reach the gate, the city is too large to be just one cavern. And if they lasted so long in a siege, then the gates leading from here will simply empty into another cavern with the true main gates. There the elves would have breached the city, not here in the interior. Which also means the gates leading out from here will most likely be closed. So, you’ll have to defend me while I try and open it, prepare for a tough fight if that comes to pass.”
Chris nodded his head, “I’m with you there. And if we have to reenact the Alamo, then I’ll stand beside you to.”
“What now?”, Ayla asked.
“It was an old mission way back in history. A ragtag group of people of around 200 strong defended the equally ragtag mission turned fort, against several thousand enemies. In the end their enemies were victorious and all the defenders were killed. But not before killing twice their number! Well at least that was one report, there was too much going on to accurately record the losses, but I like to think they kicked ass! They and the Spartans are some of my favorite stories of my people!”, even running past monsters out of legend, in a dead city deep underground. Chris still found a way to talk his head off.
“Ya know demoni, yer people have a tendency to stubbornly stand in one place and die for it.”
“Damn straight! Just don’t let me stand still and we’ll get out of here alive!”, Chris laughed.
“Maybe you should tell him of dwarven battles then, Grudge. Your people have a similar tendency to hold the line to the last.”, Ayla pointed out.
“Aye, but that’s because we’re slow and heavy! This daft demoni here can outrun just about anyone, yet his people choose to stand in one place instead!”
Ayla shook her head at the two. “Banter aside, this house is not secure. If we are to rest here for a while, we should make sure it is safe first.”
“I can search while you two wait in that sitting room and catch your breath.”, Chris pointed to a small room with several couches and a small table in the center to their immediate right; to the left was a long hallway stretching the length of the house. It appeared to join with another hallway that made its way through the center of the home, to where Chris wasn’t certain. The sitting room had an old fireplace still filled with soot and ash, and there were heavy curtains blocking the windows.
“Or we search together.”, Ayla stated, with no room for argument.
“I guess it’s best not to Scooby-Doo ourselves, and split up again. Alright then, where do you want to start?”, Chris asked.
Ayla squinted her eyes, as was about to ask what, when Grudge cut her off. “Don’t bother, just let it be. He told me he would tell us something later, so that’ll be the time to ask. For now, let’s search that parlor ya pointed to. Then move on from there.”, he said.
They moved into the parlor, nothing suspicious to be seen, just the furniture they had already noted. There was a door leading into another room, upon opening it, they were greeted with a large living room. There was another, but larger, fireplace set into the exterior wall, with windows on either side. And a variety of couches and chairs scattered about. Again, there was a small, low, table in the center, and several smaller pieces of furniture and bookshelves against the walls. From here, they could see into a dining room, and a bathroom across a hallway. Poking his head into the dining room, showed no sign of shades. But he did note the large, well-crafted, table at its center. It had a number of chairs, each with a plate before it.
Actually walking into the dining room, he saw another door leading to the same hallway the living room emptied into. Walking through the doorway into the hall, he could see Grudge and Ayla peering inside yet another room.
“What’s that one?”, he asked
“Privy.”, Ayla replied. It would seem most rooms connected to the hallway running through the house, he had simply just gone farther down the line. The two walked over and joined Chris, who was standing in a doorway directly across from the dining room.
“Aint that where you shit?”, he asked.
Sigh. Yes Chris.”, Ayla shook her head, while Grudged grinned behind her. “Now, this seems to be the kitchen, most likely those doors over there lead to a larder.”, she pointed out.
Taking a few steps to the right, there was a long hallway, like the one leading away from the vestibule, running between the exterior wall, and kitchen. Ending at a door, a door that had something glowing on the other side of it.
Uhh, there is something on the other side of that door.”, Chris said gripping his sword tighter.
“Then let’s bash its face in, eh?”, Grudge said, grin growing wider at the thought of getting back at the shades, it was there turn to get ambushed. As the three snuck up to the door, each ready to unleash their respective hell. Chris nodded to Grudge and Ayla in turn, each nodding back, signifying they were ready. Chris grabbed the door handle, and threw it open, jumping through the doorway, weapon held high. He swung at a glowing object, lopping it off and causing it to fall to the floor.
Huh?”, Chris wondered.
Grudge roared in laughter behind him. “Congratulations demoni! Ya killed a poor wee plant!”
It would seem, that the glowing Chris had seen from under the door, wasn’t from a shade. But rather from a dwarven “green”-house. Since there was no light underground, there was a variety of fungus and strange plants, many of the plants were bioluminescent, and were the cause for his mistake.
“Why are they glowing though?”, he asked.
“Just do. Though me Pa said that they attract things in the dark using the light, whatever it attracts usually starts to live around it because it’s the only source of light. And since we all have to do it, whatever it attracts usually shites around it, and eventually dies, both giving it nutrients. Me pa says they don’t use light to live, so they have to use other means. But the whole, attract things over just so they shite on ya, seems a bit odd to me.”, he shrugged. “There are other kinds that glow to attract prey, once they get too close, they gobble ‘em up. Some big enough to eat a dwarf, so I’d be warry going into unexplored caverns if I were ya.”
Chris crouched down, observing the part of the plant he had cut off. “Life finds a way. I guess they do chemosynthesis instead of photosynthesis. Hmmm, probably has bacteria that takes in the chemicals to make nutrients, but I could be wrong. I was majoring in biology when my home was attacked, but I only got in a few semesters so I am by no means an expert.”, he said.
“Just gonna ignore whatever yer blabbering about, and move on. These are all edible, but they obviously haven’t been tended to in a while, oh I’d say 500 years or so?”, he jested.
Standing back up, and facing the others, Chris began, “Anyway, let’s go back to that entry way, there was another hallway with doors we haven’t checked out. Then we have to clear the second floor.”
“And the cellar, there were stairs leading down as well.”, Grudge reminded.
“Must we? The purpose of us doing this was to ensure the building was safe. And I’d say after the noise we just made, if nothing is coming to attack us, then it’s safe.”, Ayla complained. She had spent what little energy her body had running from the shades, her mana was still high, but you can’t cast spells if you drop from exhaustion.
“Okay, if you both want, we can rest up. Maybe take a short nap, eat something, etcetera.”, Chris asked.
“I could go for a quick nap, then we can set off again.”, Grudge said.
“We’ll camp out in the living room, then leave in a few hours. I call dibs on the long sofa!”, Chris made his way back inside, and plopped down on the sofa in question before anyone else could. His bulk causing it to creak from the strain, but it held none the less.
“No fair, we don’t know what dibs means.”, Ayla whined. The only other large sofa was still too short for her, her legs would hang off uncomfortably if she laid down on it.
“It’s wide enough for two, just cozy up to each other and ya will be fine. But don’t be pawing at each other and shite.”, Grudge said nonchalantly, not meaning anything by it. While he himself sat down in a padded armchair.
For a second, Ayla froze. Then she quickly hid her face in her cloak, and sat down on the smaller sofa. “It is fine, I will take this one.”, she said hurriedly. She quickly rolled over, hiding her face completely from view.
“Don’t stick ya nose to far into the thing. No telling what amount of dust is in there.”, Grudge said, eyes beginning to droop. Oblivious to the chaos he had unleashed.
Chris was ignoring him as stared at the ceiling, attempting to go to sleep. While he lay there, he thought to himself, ‘A few hours rest then we have to go back out there. And then…then I tell them the truth. It’s the least they deserve after all this shit.’, his heart rate shot up at the thought. ‘Fuck me! Why am I more afraid of telling them the truth, than an army of shades!?’ He spent the next few minutes agonizing over the decision, coming up with doomsday scenarios one after the other. His mind, forever his enemy.
The hunt had failed. Countless of its kin were slain, and no trace of the intruders remained. But they would be found, this time though, it would be there personally to deal with the interlopers. Red, ruby eyes marched through a sea of blue, though many were gone, many remained. A new hunt would begin, this time, it will be successful.
Frist Previous
Another chapter of fluff you say? Well, not all things are what they seem, laughs in author who knows the, far, far, fffaaarrr future.
Anyway, I'll be posting a crudely drawn blueprint of the house soon. It is drawn by hand and I am by no means an architect, so go easy on me if it looks wrong.
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2021.10.26 22:07 Throwaway613478 What First Names Give Off F***Boy Vibes?

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2021.10.26 22:07 LyfullTTV MADDEN PS4 LG

Need committed users
I know these records are awful, but we are going multiple seasons so join up and build your team.
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2021.10.26 22:07 Meme-Lord75 Chrome suddenly using excessive battery.

I’ve had Chrome on my MacBook (2017 model) since 2019 and have run it without issue but in the last few months, it’s used excessive battery. Yesterday, I was travelling to work and had chrome open in Mac, yet my Mac had its lid closed, it used 50% battery after 35 minutes of inactivity. I cleared cookies, cache, and all browsing data on all my google profiles. Also, my Mac is saying my battery is performing normal and when I closed chrome, my battery wasn’t drained. What’s happening and how do fix it?
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2021.10.26 22:07 riqelme Galaxy Heroes Coin (GHC) is a community driven token

Galaxy Heroes Coin (GHC) is a community driven Binance blockchain token with unique superheroes and galaxy NFTs. The Galaxy Heroes DEX & Galactic Farms offer over 3,000% APR in rewards.
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2021.10.26 22:07 WrestleNova Spoilers: Challengers For Top Two Title Matches At IMPACT Turning Point PPV Revealed

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2021.10.26 22:07 posdag test

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2021.10.26 22:07 RaiseHellBaby Help with monthly budget and expenses

Needing to move into a new place. Emergency situation and it’s a few hundred dollars over my budget. I’d love some opinions if I’m getting in way over my head or if this is reasonable. I want to be able to save every month but I don’t think I’m able to. this lease is only 6 months so I could try and find something cheaper while staying there.
I make $4200 monthly after taxes 0$ in savings after the move-in cost.
Rent for the new place is $1750 for an 750sq ft house (I live where rent is insane)
Car payment $575 month- will not change
Motorcycle and Truck insurance- $130 total
Xfinity WiFi- $110 monthly. I don’t have cable just WiFi and it is a necessity for when I occasionally work from home
Utilities $200-$300?- Not sure what this will look like since I’ve never had any completely in my name. I need to cover gas and electric. I searched what the average monthly bill is in my county for both and came up somewhere around there.
Storage fees- $140 I will be getting rid of that in a few months.
Gym membership- $40 - Necessary to keep my insanity and anxiety at bay.
Gas- $320 monthly. I have a truck and drive an hour round trip for work and out of town for custody exchange every Friday and Sunday. Not sure how I could cut back on this, as that is minimum amount needed.
Subscriptions I will be thinning out and keeping just one so my son can watch his cartoons Netflix $15 Discovery $5 Spotify $15
Food- this is where I have trouble calculating what I realistically spend. I have a bad habit of eating out due to convenience and long work hours. I started bringing my lunch and will continue to meal prep my breakfast. Any suggestions on a reasonable amount of money for groceries for 1 adult and 1 child.
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