I'm trapped in a relationship I hate because I'm scared I'll lose my kids

2021.10.26 21:12 thisisathroaway2021 I'm trapped in a relationship I hate because I'm scared I'll lose my kids

I (30M) met my partner (33f) around 5 years ago, it was a surprising romance where we both found each other on a dating app having known each other as kids. We'd both obviously grown, had kids, and been through various life experiences that we found we connected on almost everything.
The first year or so we spent travelling and making great memories, but this changed with a positive pregnancy test a few months later.
For reference I am the sole earner in the household, I pay every bill, I am the only one who drives and I work full time 5 days a week. I've never asked her for anything just that she looks after the kids and maintains the house (keep it presentable). The kids run riot and the house is a mess. I finish work and sometimes have to wade through waist-high piles of toys, throw soiled nappys away that are left festering on a side or I find them underneath a pile of clothes/toys.
Here is a timeline of what I've experienced.

  1. Emotional abuse: When I bought a house for our family (as we were expecting our first child and she had two of her own) I said that the tiny 2 bed flat she was living in wasn't suitable, she argued that the baby would entitle her to a council house but I didn't want us living in cramped conditions. I bought the house, did all the moving myself and paid for all the furniture to be delivered. I then had 2 years of being told that I didn't care about her or the kids because her name wasn't on the deed. This culminated in me selling the house, buying another and her refusing to move unless her name was on the deed this time.
  2. Possible Bi-Polar personality: She is very opinionated to the extent that she will scream in your face or physically hurt you if you dare to disagree with her, her usual response is roughly pinch my chest if she's annoyed, she then demands I apologize to her.
  3. Constantly put down about almost everything: My job isn't a real job, I don't have any friends, I'm fat, I'm lazy, I don't care about the kids, I'm a shit dad, I'm a shit partner, etc etc. Daily. This narrative is shared with her mother who she texts/calls all the time, I've seen messages calling me names by both of them.
  4. Hobbies? Well what about ME!? : This one sounds weird but yeah, I can't have any hobbies unless they involve her, being a tech geek I like gaming but I also have a soft spot for cars/bikes too, I'm part of a gaming group and a classic car club but barely get the time to invest.
  5. Alienating: I had a previous child who I now no longer see, if my daughter came to visit she was left in the care of my partner, she's a spoilt only child but I had limited contact so reversing that behaviour was almost impossible, my partners method was to punish her more severely than her kids because she was 'the eldest' (she's just under a year older than her eldest). Of course this ultimately made her not want to visit me anymore and now she lives with her mum full time and we have moved even further away.
  6. Unreasonable jealousy: I've never cheated nor would I ever have the opportunity to do so yet if a female name pops up on messages, facebook, or anywhere I'll immediately be questioned with 'Who is she? How do you know them?" This is usually followed by her stalking their profile declaring them 'tarts' or worse and that state she is 'shocked I'd be friends with those sort of people'. Some of these are old work colleagues or family friends fyi.
I'm sure there's more but I'm going to cut it off now because I don't really want this to be a rant. As you can imagine there have been full blown rows and threats to leave, I've said it a few times but it's always met with 'Say goodbye to your kids' and a underhanded dig that I 'already know what that's like'. I'm trapped and she knows it, she knows what I earn, she's got all the mum groups on the go advising her of her rights and what to say/do. She owns half the house so smugly tells me I can't 'kick her out' so I'm here stuck paying the mortgage, paying the bills, doing all the chores until I obviously either die of something or she has a mood swing and kills me.
To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm asking for advice here or just needing to vent, but if anyone has experience of escaping a situation like this I would genuinely appreciate it.
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2021.10.26 21:12 SmileLouder Floor Mic Stand For Heavy Mics (SM7B)

Any suggestions for a floor boom stand similar to this one that can hold a Shure SM7B?
Thank you!
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2021.10.26 21:12 Longtimefed Uber vs Lyft vs Cab to DCA

Spouse and I will be going to be going from near East Falls Church metro to DCA very early in the morning this week (with luggage of course). About 11 miles. Can anyone recommend one mode vs another?
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I filed a third party claim against the at fault driver's insurance company and wonder if I can choose who the company will pay, the car shop or me. It will take a few days to repair the damage and I'd like to get the check in my name so I have flexibility where and when to repair. I'm in California.
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I want to go but tickets are $280 and I don't want to pay $280...
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2021.10.26 21:12 gotaquestion22r Neither camp has released a confirm or deny statement?

This saga has been going on for like half a week now over whether they're on or off but I yet to see any official confirm or deny from either one's camp which makes me think the split rumors are true, or they're both playing the rumors for attention/publicity. interesting
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2021.10.26 21:12 Its-Njoey H: deathclaw mask, Qffr15r radium, j2525 fixer, BE90 fixer, Bffr tesla, AA50 enclave plasma, F ffr gat plas, Jffr handmade, F ffr minigun, JE assault rifle, and JuggFFR1p fixer. W: scrip, b/ffr/?? enclave flamer, weapons, or rare apparel

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2021.10.26 21:12 redbird_judgestone is my account dead? girl help :(

i joined depop october last year but really started listing back in march of this year. for the first few months i was selling things FAST. i was going to the post office every day, nearly all my sales were bundles, and i got to 300 sales by august. but now i'm barely making sales at all despite having more stuff listed than ever?
most of my sales were items in my 3 for 30$ deal, and i still have a lot of stuff that's in there. i also was put on depop's "suggested sellers" for two weeks but i didn't make ANY sales during that time. i'm getting more likes on my listings than ever, but no biters.
the only thing i can think that changed this is when i stopped reaching out to buyers. i didn't know that it was against depop's TOS back then (just thought it was "annoying") and once i found out i stopped cold turkey, but for real looking back 80% of my sales came from messaging likers about free shipping/bundle discounts. uuugghhhhh.
how do i fix this? is there any way to do that? i don't want to deactivate and start over since i have so many sales and reviews :(
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2021.10.26 21:12 aniruddo Fossil gen6 charging problems

I recently got the Fossil Gen6. From the second day, I started having problems with charging. The watch would not start charging once the connector was attached. After repeated attempts, the watch would suddenly start charging again. I am using the official charger pod that came with the watch and the charger is connected to the main power socket (not to a USB hub or power bank). Anyone else facing this issue?
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Hey all just wondering if there anyone who's willing to sell their ticket for Saturday Oct 30th if they decide not to go. Feel free to message me. Have a nice day!
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2021.10.26 21:12 NicolasDavila Does the HD RETROVISION component cable output better signal than a Hyperkin HDMI cable?

My current setup: Wii > Hyperkin HDMI cable > HDMI F/F Adapter > mClassic > Nintendo Switch HDMI cable > Modern PC monitor.
A friend is selling their Retrotink 2x Pro for a great price, but I don't have a component cable, so I'd like to know if Wii > HD Retrovision cable > Retrotink > mClassic > HDMI cable would be a noticeable upgrade over what I'm currently running.
Also, would a different HDMI cable make any difference over the one I'm using?
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2021.10.26 21:12 Awkward_Eye5571 People selling tails preloaded on USB stick

I noticed today that there are people selling preloaded USB sticks.
Doesn’t this kill the point???? Somebody could alter the software and sell the sticks. I don’t get it.
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