Best place to van camp on Oregon coast?

2021.12.06 19:58 lonelyhikinggamer Best place to van camp on Oregon coast?

Looking for best tucked away locations to park a cavan with a view
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2021.12.06 19:58 NuclearMask Why is the AI like this?

Why is the AI like this? I fight against Germany with Poland and Poland is still somehow alive.
I play as the ex USSR after I got the revolution and got rid of all other rebels.

But for some reason the UK things 10 Units on there is a muss have.
Why does the AI work like that?
Why don't they just come to me?
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2021.12.06 19:58 kokosik070503 Where in the world would you like to go right now?

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2021.12.06 19:58 soytoska Asesoría sobre denuncia de abuso sexual hacia un menor.

Hola! Como va? Escribo aca porque necesito consejo de un abogado que me pueda asesorar. Hace un mes hicimos una denuncia sobre abuso sexual hacia un menor, queriamos que haya reserva de identidad, pero al momento de hacer la denuncia parace que las policias no entendieron y pusieron nuestros nombres, como era la primera vez que haciamos una denuncia pensamos que era normal eso. Pero luego nos enteramos a traves de la fiscalia que nuestros nombre salian y que son publicos. No sabemos ahora como proceder, y la mama del niño nos escribio por whatsapp, intentando amedentrarnos, diciendo que estamos locos por hacer la denuncia. En esta etapa quisieramos una asesoria de un abogado que este en el tema y nos sepa aconsejar sobre que hacer y ver el avance de la denuncia. Gracias
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2021.12.06 19:58 LastManNotStanding Hit Detection Fix?

The hit detection has been fucking me the fuck up. When I swing sometimes I'll see my frying pan or bat or whatever go straight through a Zombie despite them being right on me and then they bite me and I die. I am fairly new to this game and am willing to accept that I might just fucking suck, but it seems like it's pretty wonky. Are there any good fixes for this? Does anyone else have this problem?
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2021.12.06 19:58 brandon_the_bald Clayton Kershaw closes out CG - 15-strikeouts (9/2/15)

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2021.12.06 19:58 Supergupo Are Yuris giving you trouble on Summoner Duels? Are N!Corrins and B!Eirika ruining your day? Then try Veld, and absolutely disgusting unit in the new mode!

Veld. What a weird fucking unit. His Petrify Tome, while potentially strong, has always been seen as a niche weapon, lacking the consistency of other gimmick Tomes...until now.
Firstly, the fact that Summoner Duels last for 5 rounds is a huge buff to Veld, as his weapon's Gravity effect is now always guaranteed to be live. The fact that the team size is 5 means it's more likely to hit a more problem unit, and finally, the fact that it targets the unit with the lowest stat, something that used to its biggest drawback, is now its biggest strength. There are no Mythic units to draw the debuffs, or Legendaries to soak the effects; it will target your units, and it's completely unconditional.
Turn 1 targets the unit with the lowest HP, which is massive, as the units with the lowest HP are going to be either your breakers; your Yuris, Eirika and Corrins, or it will be your dancers, i.e. your Azuras and Reysons. The gravity penalty effectively shuts your opponent from setting up a good board state, and cripples their ability to poke in the following round.
Turn 2 targets the lowest Atk, which is going to be either your support, like Flayn, or - once again - your dancers, once again potentially shutting down your opponent's approach.
Turn 3 is apropos to being the least impactful, as it's apropos to hit the Save tanks, who aren't likely to be affected all to much by the gravity effect.
But then we hit turns 4 and 5, which once again complete shuts down your opponent's breaker, as they're once that are likely to have the poorest defensive stats, especially the current problematic ones like Yuri and Ninja Corrin.
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2021.12.06 19:58 PressureOwn3229 3D animation learning roadmap help

Hello everyone! I’ve recently been getting into 3D animation using blender and I’d like some help with my learning process. There is so much information and so many tutorials that it’s a little daunting. Where should I begin? What should I learn first and where should I go from there. If anyone could outline their learning process/roadmap from when they first started learning I’d love to hear it. I’d also happily take recommendations on classes or tutorials. Money is a little tight so I’d prefer free tutorials but I also have a Skillshare sub. Thank you for any help or insight you can offer. I’m excited to start learning I just need some helping know what to start with and how to build off of that.
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2021.12.06 19:58 Ok_Warthog6767 People who have forgiven their cheating partner, what is your story? Did it ends well ?

Hi , personally I don't like being cheated , it's the worst thing that can happen to me , but I feel sometimes I could also forgive , I don't want know to explain in what kind of situations , but I wouldn't like to forgive if it is a behaviour that happens more then once
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2021.12.06 19:58 justmakemyaccount Sick of the 'small/average dick is enough' rhetoric

As the titles say. Im sick of the small/average dick is enough rhetoric. It's just pandering to not hurt your feelings, but theres a reason why it's a fantasy. I know the 'it's motion of the ocean' argument, but there's certain things a big dick can only give like the feeling of filling her up, giving her a deep orgasm, and slightly terrified but excited feeling she gets when he enters her. To top it off if he has the skills along with size, then there's just no comparison. I've had girls fall in love with me just because I can make them cum where it feels like a pulse orgasm electricity is running through them
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2021.12.06 19:58 Expert-Negotiation39 Found a fellow Genny parked next to me after work (Mine is the BK1).

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2021.12.06 19:58 Tall-Community2930 I need help to create a blueprint

How I can do that an enemy chase me in a 2D Game
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2021.12.06 19:58 xmorecowbellx If visiting by road trip to watch the jets, where is the best place to park?

Saw the game last night, we stayed at the Raddison which was perfect with the skywalk over. Parkade extremely tight though, and crowd a bit rough, thinking of other options for next time. If we drive from another hotel, which parkade is easiest to use?
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2021.12.06 19:58 Otherwhereterrain Crumbling Temple Entrance ~from Instagram

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2021.12.06 19:58 justinallenlane DIY Viking Camping Chair Build

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2021.12.06 19:58 evooeow i plan on killing my self when im 27.

i swear on everything if im still a virgin and lonely im gonna kill my self. thit shit wack asf, i done tried all the dating apps,i go out, i approach in public, i slide in dms. cant never win. while dudes i know post a pic of they face on instagram they get flooding with comments by girls. i already done cut myself 3 times, because i deserve it. everyone i know is in relationships or getting laid, its just me a loser. hobbies boring, going out got boring, its boring when you lonely. as soon its time to go home from somewhere i had fun at, i feel sad because i know im about to go home with my text messages or nothing from nobody. i stop paying my phone bill because whats the point if im not getting no messages at all? its no point of paying it
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2021.12.06 19:58 SeaRecommendation139 GOP Rep. Devin Nunes resigns from Congress to become CEO of Trump's media company

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2021.12.06 19:58 Sharp_Satisfaction98 Help.

I have a friend that's very dear to me like a brother. He's a very talented photographer. He's also very good with music. I'm trying to get him to make NFTs. Reason behind it is because I believe his talents with the above could really put him in a good spot, and if not at least add to his income. He's very suspicious of cryptocurrency and I don't understand NFT enough to explain how he'll make money with them.
We work together and he does music and photography on the side. Can someone please help me get him set up, or at least get him hooked on the idea? Something simplistic. Where to sell, how to sell. Pretty much an NFT for dummies sort of thing, mostly because I'm a dummy but I can recognize opportunity.
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2021.12.06 19:58 CyberPunkette “LGBTQIA+” and similar acronyms are pointlessly complicated

The acronym is long and cumbersome. Everyone wants their letter in it but it’s simply not possible to do this. The point of that acronym was to be a symbol and not to contain a letter of everyone in the group. Obviously this goal has been lost. Instead we should use “SGM” for “Sexual and Gender Minority.” It’s short and covers everyone. If somebody else has another solution that achieves the same goal, feel free to say it.
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2021.12.06 19:58 Flint25Boiis Send this to someone who you dislike

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2021.12.06 19:58 lewuiiis [Offer] 5€ from Verse - 1€ Deposit [Europe]

Verse is payment app pretty similar to CashApp or Venmo, where you can instantly send money to your friends and family or split a bill with them.
There's a referral promo at the moment, where can get free 5€ after you top-up your account with 1€ and send it to your family and friends.
The money can be withdrawn immediately or used to purchase something with their virtual card.
Use this link
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2021.12.06 19:58 Short-Ganache-2184 Making tiramisu. Added chocolate chips to eggs+sugar that I heated in double boiler per recipe and came out with this lumpy mess. What did I do wrong?

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2021.12.06 19:58 ShortAlgo $HRTG Waiting for Buy signal on HRTG

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2021.12.06 19:58 aramimi_ [chat] I'm 22

Someone who is not a creepy pls lol
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2021.12.06 19:58 meteorfox Delusional landlord, "Plz pay my mortage and 2000 over for my electrical shade upgrade"

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