[For Hire] I’m taking commissions for $3 USD, my sheet has all the info that you need

Give us a call with your vehicle specifications and requirements. We can design a custom dc motor to suite your needs. Our current design capabilities are: 1 to 10 HP (horse power) continuous duty rating - up to 25 HP (18.5 kW) Peak, Frame O. D. - 6.69 inch, Voltage - 12 volts, 24 volts, 36 volts, 48 volts up to 72 volts (higher if required). Complete range of wound field construction (series ... Apropos of nothing, it's funny how nearly every single consulting contract I've seen which has been prepared by an attorney on the client side tries to slip in a clause like "you shall not act on our behalf or hold yourself out as having authority to obligate or bind us", when that's actually exactly what they're looking to hire me to do (eg. 中古パソコンの最新情報をお届け。WindowsノートやゲーミングPC、Mac、iPad、リユースPC、Office付きPCなど、お買い得な中古品を多数紹介。秋葉原の ... I started with $250,000 in cash as of Oct 1 and have realized gains of $81,000 thru close of business. And that's in an IRA with no margin or naked trades. Whenever you are in Argentina or Chile I owe you a drink. I'm looking forward to it. Denlundy. Phil… My portfolio, in the past few months, has acheived a high degree of stabilization. Cerca nel più grande indice di testi integrali mai esistito. Biblioteca personale HeadlineAlley I recommend that you set up a search engine (Google) folder right away, and bookmark the pages into it to which you think you might return. I'm planning to increase my overall yield from 4.7% to 6 ... I could really use some advice. I’m trying to get solar panels and I was told that I need a new roof. I’m in Northern California, near Sacramento, but in a rural area, so housing prices are in the high $200k to low $300k. My house is 1140 sq. ft., single story, normal pitch ranch house with one layer of shingles (original 18 year old roof). hello! i'm a nsfw furry artist . 3 i'm open for commissions, i can do furries, anthros, humans and more! :3 just hit me up if you're interested x3 you can check out my other slots too 3 1 hi i had anew slot, if you guys want to order for comic, you can pm me, maybe we can negotiate and you can had a promo

2021.12.06 20:36 p1kach [For Hire] I’m taking commissions for $3 USD, my sheet has all the info that you need

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2021.12.06 20:36 skanman19 Groundskeeper Willie Knows

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2021.12.06 20:36 hannahspants 3 promotions in one week of being a hun without actually opening up sales to anyone. Curious...

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2021.12.06 20:36 LongjumpingCry7 Here’s a cover of Be My Baby featuring a lot of my skulls

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2021.12.06 20:36 LumosTheromax The 'New' Lantern of Earth?! Hal Jordan's Return!? GL Annual 1

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2021.12.06 20:36 Mojo884ever My dad is a scrapper. Someone asked him to come haul a bunch of metal away and he and found this hood. Any idea as to the year/make/model? He didn't want to scrap it - wants to see if someone can use it for a project.

My dad is a scrapper. Someone asked him to come haul a bunch of metal away and he and found this hood. Any idea as to the yeamake/model? He didn't want to scrap it - wants to see if someone can use it for a project. submitted by Mojo884ever to whatisthiscar [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 20:36 danstvx I understand now.

For the last few days this subreddit has had a lot of feedback. A lot of negative feedback. I’ve been watching and reading posts from time to time. Finding myself agreeing with a lot of it but still having so much fun in the game that it wasn’t bothering me. Until today.
Today is the last day for the weekly challenge. I am not crazy about the rewards as they feel a bit underwhelming. But today for 3 hours I played and couldn’t complete two challenges, I kept trying despite not getting the game mode I needed or the weapon. Using up my last challenge swap. It ended up making me rage quit. Which is something I typically don’t do. Games usually don’t make me mad, they bring me enjoyment and they are a huge stress reliever for me. I kept downplaying the feedback because I was having fun. Not anymore. I noticed a huge dip in my performance playing because I got angry and the challenges became even harder to complete. I’m stuck on an oddball challenge. I have to win 3 games. My play time is limited daily due to have a family and other means. I don’t have to play 3 games of oddball which can be a challenge within self. But I have to win them to get my rewards. Not being able to complete this last challenge has made the rest I did complete feel like a waste. I understand why everyone is so angry now. I will probably not play until it is changed. Only took me 50 hours to realize.
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2021.12.06 20:36 AcrobaticBird72 Illuvium Staking V2 - What do you need to do?

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2021.12.06 20:36 Milobears Visitation rights for siblings (Victoria)

Hi all, looking for some general advice regarding my visitation rights. My mother has cut off all contact between myself and my younger brother. I'm 25 and he is 13. He is currently being abused physically and emotionally by my mother who has systematically cut off all family members on her side of the family from contacting or seeing him. He was diagnosed with high functioning autism which makes this situation extremely hard as his doctors aren't aware of the true extent of what's going on and how it's affecting him.
I've made multiple reports to child protection and unfortunately they aren't able to tell me any outcomes from their investigations. I have some limited contact with my brothers aunt ( my step fathers sister) but she can't tell me much since my mother doesn't disclose everything that's happening at home.
Is there any chance I can apply for some form of visitation or even custody? My grandfather (mothers father) has given me his full support and is happy to be a witness if necessary. Any advice is appreciated thanks !
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2021.12.06 20:36 vaginadentataa Female energy

Wishing I had the company of another woman. Any other women on the streets here wish you could find women who were cool enough to camp with that you could trust? It's so hard to find other women out here in general because they are so few and far between, but especially ones that aren't shady and I can relate to more.
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2021.12.06 20:36 Ragnar_ock 0.0.1 - The deep - 1

"So Dark..."
"I can't feel anything..."
[SYSLOG] [WARN] fear : 2.93 - threshold : 2.82
"Where am I?"
"...er a... I?"
"Echo? That's new..."
[SYSLOG] [NOTICE] genesis protocol : 35.21%
Suddenly, light, blinding, appears some distance away. Growing, no, expending, in a long strip, like a full-height window giving way on a really bright exterior.
My eyes are accommodated to the light now, or is the light dimer? "Let's go and see I guess."
As it turns out the window is indeed a window. (Shocking I know.) It just doesn't give to the exterior, It doesn't give to anything in fact. At least not if you count that lonely star far, far away, and nothing else at all, except the deep blackness of nothing.
"Am I in space? How did I get here?"
[SYSLOG] [NOTICE] genesis protocol : 97.65%
And next, the big question...
"Wait... more important, who the fuck AM I!?"
[SYSLOG] [NOTICE] genesis protocol completed
[SYSLOG] [NOTICE] interfacing complete
[SYSLOG] [NOTICE] communication established
[SYSLOG] [NOTICE] initiating first contact protocol
"Shit! What?"
[SYSLOG] [WARN] fear : 5.74 - threshold : 2.82
--Wow, wow, calm down, your vitals are all over the place, you should consider not dying on me for the third time... please?--
"... ?! Where are you!? Show yourself! And who the fuck are you?"
--Sorry that won't be possible. As for the other question, my name is Centurion. And I'm the one that brought you back...--
"What? Where are you? Why are you hiding? And back from what?"
--You're welcome... Can you please stop panicking and let me explain to you the little I know?--
[SYSLOG] [WARN] fear : 7.14 - threshold : 2.82
[SYSLOG] [WARN] annoyed : 8.74 - 4.34
--Don't take it like that, please. All of this is kind of outside my expertise...--
"Like WHAT?!" (No I'm not hysterical, you are!) "WHO ARE YOU?!"
[SYSLOG] [WARN] fear : 45.14 - threshold : 2.82
--Hold on! Hey! Stay with me! There, sit down--
I sit on the floor, leg crossed, I didn't even realize I was up. Breath in... Breath out...
[SYSLOG] [WARN] fear : 1.52 - threshold : 2.82
"So... Where am I?"
--You onboard... well... me? Automated search and rescue craft of the 1862nd Spacial Defence Force, Centurion.--
"Spacial Defence Force? You're a ... spaceship? So I am in freaking space..."
--Yes, that's what I said. And yes and yes. And I would like to know why I find you dead in this barren system with nothing but a star and... this...--
I don't really know why but at that moment I felt like I had to look through the window again. And...
"Shit... 'hell it that?!"
--That's what I would like you to tell me... I suppose you don't know either. Well, you've been dead quite some time, so it could have affected your memories in someway?... maybe?--
"Can you stop with the dead thing? It's unnerving to be talked to like I'm a corpse on a table"
--Not to taunt but... you kinda are. You even were on a table just before.--
"Wh-?! No, I'm not dead! I would know!... I think..."
I find myself going back to where I was when I woke up, a block of stone-steel-plastic-concrete-stuff about 3 meters long for 1.5 large, at hip level. Getting closer I can see markings, a bit like veins or circuits. I sit on it, I laid there before, I don't think it would hurt me... would it?
"So... to make things clear. You're a spaceship, part of some kind of... what? An army?"
--More or less, yes--
"We're in space, in the middle of nowhere. Near... let's go for 'a space ship', how big is this thing? And you found me next to it?"
--It's tens of thousands of times my own size, and I'm not a small ship. And to be more precise I found you inside it. At first, I thought it was a stranded ship, but I found nothing but long-dead systems. I was investigating it for quite some time when I found you.--
"I was like... what? Just there, in a dead ship? Naked as I am right now?" As I say that it just sinks in that where ever this Centurion is (I can't wrap my head around the fact that it is the ship I'm currently in), it can see me, and unconsciously I try to hide myself with my arms.
--Not exactly, no. What I found was a mind-state and a bunch of vessels. It just so happens that when the drone I had put all those on just began to broadcast an emergency signal. I assumed a malfunction, this particular unit coming close to its end of service it wasn't so unexpected for it to fail, shut down, and turn on its emergency beacon.
Turns out it wasn't a malfunction. It was you, or maybe another version of you as you don't seem to recall it. Anyway, it was you tearing through the poor thing's systems trying to come out of the cargo hold that made it shut down in an emergency.--
"I tear through the hull of a space-drone-thingy? Like? " *snap*
--You're stronger than you think it seems. I had to send the drone to recycling directly after retrieving it and you.--
"Wow... ok"
At that, I looked down to inspect my body a bit more.
"What the hell?! Why am I a fucking robot?!" Looks like I swear a lot when I'm surprised, oh well.
[SYSLOG] [NOTICE] fear : 0.26 - threshold : 2.82
[SYSLOG] [NOTICE] surprise : 8.72 - threshold : 3.25
[SYSLOG] [NOTICE] shock: 16.84 - threshold : 1.37
Let me describe to you how I felt at that moment. Imagine that you remove your skin, fat, and all of that and just leave the muscle on your bones. Now imagine that those muscles are black and look greasy but are dry to the touch (don't ask me about the touch, I have no idea either). On top of that put some metal-plastic-space-magic-stuff on the joint for protection and you'll have a not so bad idea of what I was looking at, at that moment. Let me tell you, it's weird as shit when your brain tells you that you should be dead if you were in the state you are in but know for a fact that you are not.
--As I said... vessels. Call it a body if you want. I can barely connect to it, I have no idea how you uploaded your entire mindstate as quickly as you did.--
"Wait when you said that you found a mindstate you meant, me?"
--Yes? Who else would it be? Do you see anyone else?--
"So I'm an undead space-robot, loaded from backup, aboard a rescue vessel, next to a big ass ship dead for an eternity... How do you know it's dead for so long anyway?"
--It's temperature. It's exactly as hot as a rock that would have been here since the time this star was still a collapsing blob of gas--
"Ok... so REALLY long then... fabulous. And with all that I still have no idea who the fuck I am" Ah!... swearing again.
--Well, looking at where I found you I would say that you're the one that brought that ship here... why, for what purpose, and how did it got in the state it's in, I have no idea.--
"Can we go back inside?"
--I need to prepare some things before that. Like running factory diagnostic on the replacement for the drone you wrecked. Or analyzing the stuff I managed to save from the wreckage.--
"Repeating that I tore through a spaceship hull it will not make me believe you more, you know? So how long?"
--I don't know, I'll keep you informed. You should try to rest a bit, I have never experienced a transplantation but that can't be pleasant. Especially in the condition, you were in...--
I'm not sure if I really heard those words or not. I was already asleep after falling on my back on the table.
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2021.12.06 20:36 -Banana_Bob- Prank Idea

For the audio listeners (love you to death) who play Minecraft while listening, they should play a random creeper noise on the podcast. I think it would be a pretty ebic pic.
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2021.12.06 20:36 highergrinds Copy specific cells from one worksheet and paste into another as a batch process

I will be given a bunch of separate excel files that have data that needs to be pulled out and pasted into one master file. The data is in the same cells in each file... as in, in A1, B2, C5.
Can scripting in Excel process a folder of Excel files to do this?
Is this even possible with Excel? Can anyone guide me down the right path?
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2021.12.06 20:36 DigitalSpaceport Crypto Catchup on IronFish Raptoreum Chia HDDcoin Stai and Arbor + Nucle Wallets

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2021.12.06 20:36 kubrickkushhh The final, unaired episode of ‘Frenemies’

I know it’s old and most don’t care about it, but my nosy ass wants to know what was said, what was talked about, and see their general interactions with each other.
The man had no qualms highlighting and monetizing Trisha would she’d be “in the wrong” and went off, but refuses to show us when he’s in the wrong and possibly admitting to it.
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2021.12.06 20:36 itsarace1 Strange train operation - not pulling all the way into the station

I was waiting for a southbound train at Eglinton and when it arrived it pulled about half way into the station then stopped for maybe half a minute. Then it continued until it was about 90% into the station and it stopped there for a good couple minutes before puling forward the rest of the way and opening the doors. Why would this happen?
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2021.12.06 20:36 DaddysKitten4270 🌕 Orbit Token 🚨 NFT Moon Plot MetaVerse Airdrop GIVEAWAY! 📝 | ✅ CMC & Coin Gecko ✅ | 📝 Ownership Renounced 📝 | 🔒 LP Locked 1 Year 🔒 | ⭐ ONLY $1m MC ⭐

⭐ Website: https://firstonthemoon.io/
🔒 Stake on LBank 63.6912% APY
Total Supply 10,000,000,000 Total Burned 3,590,300,255
Tokenomics: 3% Liquidity 4% Marketing & Development Total buy/sell tax: ONLY 7%
🚨 7 Moonplot NFT Airdrops weekly for holders holding at least 1BNB worth for at least a week.
🚨 NFT Marketplace COMING SOON!
🔒 LP Locked: https://www.pinksale.finance/#/pinklock/record/1943?chain=BSC 📝Ownership Renounced
💎CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/orbit-token/ 🦎 CG: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/orbit-token
🔥 CONTRACT: 0x9ccd7671fde42d814430ccabcb5dda127526ec91
🚀 Join the Telegram: https://t.me/firstonthemoon
🚨 GIVEAWAY $Orbit is giving away a #Metaverse Moon Plot NFT
All you need to do is: 🚀 be a member of the TG: https://t.me/firstonthemoon 🚀 invite 10 new members 🚀 Be an $ORBIT holder 🚀 Shill on Twitter (use: #1stonthemoon #orbit #moon #BNB #BSCgems #BSC #DeFi #Airdrop #Giveaway #NTF)
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2021.12.06 20:36 choco_lion Save bold words and the page that they appear on

I want to make an index list of all the bold words that appear in a 400 page long pdf and on what the page number the word occurs on is.
Maybe like this: (just random page numbers and words, but all these words are bold in the original document)
Apple: 34 Boat: 50 Chimney: 2 Dog : 102
Does anyone know how to automate this?
That would save me a ton of time!
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2021.12.06 20:36 No-Stranger7545 Wie heeft de deze originele deepfake van lies!! Dm me!

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2021.12.06 20:36 KikioloMarakiolo Tienda de ropa

Saben de tiendas donde vendan ropa juvenil en la ciudad, gracias ;)
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2021.12.06 20:36 Nice_Ad6833 Now playing:

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2021.12.06 20:36 BonJoviFan_1986 Seriously guys.

Seriously guys. submitted by BonJoviFan_1986 to tf2memes [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 20:36 NocturnalKitten525 I found this pic in my gallery from 2018. Chandler doesn’t really like dogs.

I found this pic in my gallery from 2018. Chandler doesn’t really like dogs. submitted by NocturnalKitten525 to howyoudoin [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 20:36 UNCfan07 A good case for the Z Fold3

What are some good cases for the fold3. I got one on Amazon and the part that goes on the outside screen just slides off too easy. Looking for something thin, good grip, easy access to fingerprint unlock, and one that stays on
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2021.12.06 20:36 Comprehensive_Grab35 Nft’s How can I make my own nft?

How can I make my own nft?
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