looking 4 friends to add on discord :)

2021.12.06 21:21 ClownGirl_ looking 4 friends to add on discord :)

hi im ellie, 20f :3 im looking for new friends on discord or new servers to join !! my user is ellie uwu#1111
if you message on reddit i probably wont see it
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2021.12.06 21:21 JohnStaller Volume knob always on maximum

Is there a problem to use the headphone volume knob always on the maximum?
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2021.12.06 21:21 Snekguy [Pinwheel] The Rask Rebellion | Ch6 (Part 1)

The sounds of the Kodiak’s roaring engine and rumbling tracks reverberated through the hull, the seventy-ton vehicle grinding the volcanic rock beneath its polymer treads as it made its way up the dry riverbed. Cooper’s padded chair vibrated beneath him as he looked through the optics, a square display with a row of switches that controlled its functions, watching the column of vehicles ahead of him. They were part of a procession of tanks and troop carriers that were making their way deeper into the foreboding massif, as spread out as they could reasonably be between the walls of jagged, black granite than the ancient water had carved out. Charlie was a mechanized company, comprised of twelve Kodiaks and eight Pumas that were kicking up clouds of dust as they advanced.
The gunner’s position was cramped, miscellaneous electronics and machinery boxing him in, the commander occupying the seat to his left on the other side of the main gun. There was a third crew member below, deeper inside the armored chassis, surrounded by panoramic displays as he piloted the vehicle.
Cooper reached up towards his monitor, pressing one of the switches with the textured tip of a polymer finger, changing the camera to the heat-sensing FLIR view. The prosthetic was connected at his shoulder, its black housing covering up the skeletal frame and the electronics beneath, powered by electric motors that whined softly as he moved. It was almost a perfect replica of his original, hooked up to his nervous system to provide sensation that approximated that of his organic limb.
The right side of his body had been damaged during a previous deployment, when a Betelgeusian breaching cannon had been used to pierce the hull of his vehicle, sending super-heated plasma and shrapnel spraying through the turret. The crew had all survived, but he had lost his right arm, his right leg below the knee, and he had sustained damage to his torso that only his flak jacket had prevented from being fatal. His right lung and kidney had been replaced with synthetics, and his burned skin had been grafted with an artificial substitute. It was flexible and stretchy, just like the real thing, its jet-black color giving the impression that molten latex had been drizzled over his ribs and thigh. His face had thankfully been spared, and so most of the damage was hidden beneath his pressure suit. Thanks to the state of the art medical facilities on the Pinwheel, the surgeons and technicians had been able to restore full functionality, allowing him to resume his duties.
“You picking up anything on the FLIR, Cooper?” the commander asked.
“Nah, it’s a fucking scorcher, Sarge. The rocks are so hot that they’re blowing out the sensor.”
“Maybe the drones’ll pick something up,” the commander replied, peering out of his cupola at the desolate landscape beyond. “Recon said they didn’t see any Rask, but I’ll bet my left nut they’re out there in the rocks, just waiting for us to roll on by.”
“Barry!” Cooper yelled, stamping his boot on the deck.
“What?” the driver’s muffled voice replied.
“How’s Sheila doing? I’m sweating my arse off up here.”
“Engine temps are within safety limits,” he replied. “And stop stamping, you dickhead. I can hear you fine down here.”
“Not a bloody servo in sight,” Cooper muttered, scanning the canyon walls for movement through his scope. “Dead trees and burning wasteland as far as the eye can see. How the fuck did we travel seventy-five light-years just to end up back in Perth?”
“Less whinging, more working,” the Sergeant complained.
They pressed on as the primordial riverbed began to narrow, only around forty meters wide in places, forcing the formation to close ranks until the vehicles could only continue in single-file. The canyon walls were less sheer here, more like steep hills that were scattered with volcanic rock, the large boulders that had been deposited along their inclines providing excellent cover for anyone who might seek to trap them in a crossfire. The infantry dismounted from their IFVs, making the going even slower, the Marines and Borealan Shock Troopers sticking close to their vehicles as they inspected the surrounding terrain.
“Whose bright idea was it to make everyone’s body armor black?” Cooper muttered, watching them through his scope. “Those poor fuckers must be roasting out there.”
“They’re environment suits, they’ve got cooling,” Barry replied. “They’re probably doing better than we are right now.”
“I really don’t like being boxed in like this,” Cooper continued, reaching over tap the commander’s shoulder. “Hey, Sarge, have the drones spotted anything yet?”
“Nothing so far, I’ll let you know if there’s any radio chatter. No reports of sightings from the other vehicles, either.”
“Maybe there’s nobody out here, and we’re just jumping at shadows,” Barry suggested.
“We know there are natives running around,” the Sergeant added, “so don’t freak out if someone starts chucking rocks at us.”
“I expect the noise would keep them away,” Barry said, “we must sound like a mobile thunderstorm.”
Cooper watched a squad of Marines leave the side of their IFV, climbing up the nearby slope, checking between the rocks as they went. Seeing the infantry contrasted with the boulders really put their size into perspective, some of them were as big as the Kodiaks. They made their way up towards the ridge, trudging through the dark sand, the magnetic coils on the barrels of their XMRs glinting in the sun as they waved them to and fro.
A sudden explosion rocked the tank, the ground trembling beneath them as a cloud of dust was thrown high into the air somewhere ahead of them. The convoy ground to an abrupt halt, the Marines on the hill taking cover amongst the rocks as Cooper turned his view to their front. He was just in time to see a rockslide plug the riverbed ahead, the rolling boulders no doubt dislodged by charges that had been placed long before their arrival. The sand seemed to sweep in like a wave, burying everything to create an impassable wall. The lead vehicle was mercifully clear, avoiding being crushed by only a few meters.
“It’s kicking off!” the Sergeant yelled. “Weapons free!”
The hills suddenly began to move, the sand shifting all around the convoy. Figures were rising from beneath it, sheets of dark sand sliding off the canvas tarps that were draped over their backs, the glint of bayonets catching the sunlight. The Rask had been lying in wait, hidden just beneath the surface, the explosion signaling the start of their attack.
Rask Warrior Concept Art
There was a lingering moment of silence, and then the reverberating crack of railguns began to echo through the canyon, audible even through the Kodiak’s thick hull. The squad of Marines in the rocks was the closest to the enemy, a nearby Rask launching himself from beneath the sand, spearing one of them in the gut with his bayonet. The man was lifted off his feet, the alien slamming him into one of the rocks. Cooper couldn’t hear his cry of pain, but he could see it in the way that his helmeted head snapped back, his gloved hands gripping the long barrel.
The Rask pulled the trigger, the Marine jerking as the slug tore through him at point-blank range, his body going limp. His companions had turned their weapons on the leather-clad feline now, a torrent of full-auto gunfire tearing his body to pieces where he stood, the kinetic energy turning him into a cloud of red mist and floating strips of leather.
Another of the Marines caught a slug from a hidden shooter, the impact exploding his head like a melon, helmet and all. That body armor was designed primarily to stop plasma and shrapnel, there was no wearable defense against a railgun that could punch a hole through two and a half inches of rolled steel. The squad began to move, taking cover and returning fire as best they could, their rounds digging deep craters into the surrounding boulders.
Tungsten slugs hammered the Kodiak’s hull, ringing it like a gong, but the crew were in no danger. It would take something far more powerful than an XMR to penetrate their defenses, and their assailants didn’t seem to know it.
The IFV ahead of them began to fire its thirty-millimeter gun into the hills, the slugs tearing into the volcanic rock and creating puffs of pulverized stone, Cooper catching one of the Rask being pasted in his viewfinder. The troop carrier drove forward a few feet, angling itself so that it was perpendicular to the incline on its left, its squad rallying around it as it covered them with its turret. As he watched, it extended its deployable cover, two chest-high walls of thick armor unfolding from either side of its cab on articulated arms to create a protective barrier. The Marines dove behind it, popping up to fire their XMRs at the enemy. White clouds rose up from the column ahead as some of the vehicles deployed their smokescreens, the wind carrying it.
“Cooper, target those Rask on our left!” the Sergeant shouted. “Bearing three-hundred. Load HE and set the fuse to airburst!”
Cooper gripped the joystick and swung the turret to put his crosshair over a group who were nestled in a cluster of boulders, the motion jostling him in his seat. He reached up to hit one of the switches on his console, a mechanical clunk echoing through the compartment as the auto-loader slid a sabot into the breech, the computer dialing in the correct voltages. The immense recoil made the entire vehicle rock back on its tracks as he pulled the trigger, the pair of electromagnetic rails that ran the length of the barrel accelerating the projectile to several times the speed of sound in a fraction of a second. It created a shockwave as it tore through the air, kicking up a wall of dust, the high-explosive round reaching its target before its armature had even had time to properly separate.
It exploded a few feet above the huddling Rask, forming a donut-shaped cloud of hypervelocity shrapnel that tore through everything in the vicinity like a gigantic shotgun blast. Their limp bodies dropped to the ground heavily, partially obscured by the cloud of dust that the explosion had kicked up. A solitary survivor scurried clear, his rifle clutched in his hands, but the commander gunned him down with the cannon on his remote-operated blister.
There were hundreds of them, coming from both sides of the riverbed, more of them throwing off their disguises as they joined the assault. Every vehicle seemed to be firing in a different direction now, turrets and blisters spewing tungsten, the tanks pounding the rocks with airburst shells. There was a thunk as the mortar mounted on the commander’s blister above him fired a round, the explosive landing amongst the boulders a few hundred feet away, scattering the attackers.
If they’d been equipped with anti-tank mines, or rocket-propelled grenades, or anti-material railguns, then the convoy could have been in serious trouble. The ambush was tactically sound, but the Rask seemed to be under the impression that their weapons could penetrate vehicle armor, which was not the case. Cooper could hear the slugs hitting the tank, they weren’t even concentrating their fire on specific areas. The only real danger was to the Marines, but with the cover of the vehicles, it was hard for the Rask to get a clear shot at them.
Something heavier hit them, the distinctive sound of a ricochet reverberating through the hull.
“What the fuck was that?” Barry shouted.
“Bug buster!” the Sergeant replied. “It bounced! There, at fifty degrees!”
Cooper swung the turret around, taking a moment to spot the target. Up on top of the hill were a pair of Rask, lying prone on the sand side by side. One of them was shouldering a far larger rifle, the other carrying its massive battery pack, connected to the weapon by thick power cables. It was an AMR, an anti-material railgun, its long barrel packed with dense magnetic coils. They were scaled-up cousins of the XMR platform, firing larger caliber slugs at far higher velocities, designed primarily to take down Betelgeusian warriors and light spacecraft. He didn’t want to give them time for another shot, firing the main gun at them, the pair vanishing in a shower of sand and pulverized rock.
There was another loud crack as a second AMR team scored a hit on the IFV ahead, the round punching clean through the side armor. There was a flash of light as some of the material was instantly vaporized, a spray of molten metal erupting as what was left of the slug exited the other side of the vehicle. The Marines who were taking cover behind the deployable wall were showered with flecks of glowing slag, but their armor protected them, the tungsten projectile digging a deep crater in the ground a short distance away. It was hot enough that the splash of sand froze in the air, turned to glass before it had even had time to fall. It was a good job that the squad had exited the IFV, if they had been inside the troop bay when that slug had ripped through it, they would have been torn to pieces.
Before the Sarge could even call out the new target, a mortar hit the hillside, sending one of the broken bodies of the gunners wheeling a good ten feet into the air before it was dashed on the rocks below.
From behind a rock formation came a bayonet charge, two dozen of the aliens leaping over obstacles on their long, spring-like legs as they raced down the incline towards a group of entrenched Marines. They were deceptively fast for their size, covering ground quickly, coming within a mere ten feet of their quarry before the defenders’ guns turned on them. The Marines fired from behind their deployable cover, the thirty-millimeter gun on the IFV’s remote blister above them chewing through the advancing aliens. The barrage of railgun slugs cut the Rask down, the thirty-mil severing limbs, and leaving fist-sized exit wounds.
“What the bloody hell are they thinking?” Cooper wondered aloud, turning his sights on another squad. He engaged the gun pod that was mounted on the side of the Kodiak’s turret, a stream of caseless rounds harrying the aliens, tracers painting a glowing trail through the air. “Attacking armored vehicles with small arms, bayonet charges, it’s like they don’t know what they’re doing!”
“Maybe they don’t,” the Sergeant replied, hunched over his console as he used a joystick to control the blister above them. “Just because they have access to UNN tech doesn’t mean they’ve been trained to use it properly.”
The Rask morale seemed to have been broken, they were retreating now, moving back up the hills towards the safety of the ridges. They weren’t fleeing in panic, despite the chaos erupting around them. They were remarkably disciplined for a force so outmatched. They stopped to cover each other, taking refuge behind the rocks, but that was another tactic unsuited to their current predicament. It was like shooting fish in a barrel, their numbers thinning until only a handful were left, the survivors making it over the ridge and out of view.
“You’d better run, cunts,” Cooper muttered as he flopped back into his chair. “Got no more targets on my scope, Sarge.”
“Looks like we’re clear,” the commander replied.
“Barry!” Cooper yelled, stamping his boot. “You alive down there?”
“Stop fucking stamping!” a muffled voice replied.
“I’ll take that as a yes.”
He flipped down the visor on his helmet, patching into the Kodiak’s hull cameras, taking a better look at the carnage that surrounded them. There were a lot of enemy casualties, but it was hard to give a ballpark estimate given that so many of them had been...forcibly disassembled. The hills were scattered with craters, the wind carrying away the smoke, making it drift slowly across the battlefield.
“Don’t get too comfortable yet,” the Sergeant warned, “they’re calling in artillery strikes to mop up the stragglers. Brace for danger close.”
After a moment of tense waiting, the ground began to shake, the artillery company pounding the terrain beyond the ridges with a salvo from miles away. Just like the airburst rounds, the shells exploded above the ground, creating rings of dark smoke as they sprayed the retreating Rask with shrapnel. It was over quickly, a dozen of the dark rings floating over the ridge as the wind caught them, more smoke rising up from out of view.
“That got ‘em,” Cooper muttered. “What are our casualties?”
“Lost a couple of Marines, some light damage to vehicles, but none reported disabled so far. They’re flying in a dropship from Elysia to medivac the wounded, keeping it low altitude so that the MASTs don’t tag it. I suppose that’s the last one we’re going to see for a while, no way they can fly in that sandstorm.”
“What are we supposed to do when the storm hits?” Cooper complained. “Do we give the walking wounded a canteen and tell ‘em happy fucking trails?”
“The Yagda has an onboard infirmary, that’s all we’re getting until we take out the Rask launch sites.”
“Does it have a bloody hot tub, too?” Cooper grumbled. “Fucking Martians.”
He watched through one of the camera feeds as the crew of the IFV ahead of them dismounted, inspecting the damage to the troop bay. Good job that round had gone through the bay, and not through the cab. Teams of Marines were fanning out, securing the hills, and checking for wounded. He was surprised to see some of them crouching over the bodies of fallen Rask, it looked like they were attempting triage.
“What the hell are they treating them for?” he grumbled. “Doubt those shitheads would do the same for us.”
“Doesn’t matter,” the Sergeant replied, “we’re required to provide care to the wounded if the circumstances permit it. Looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while, that blockage will have to be cleared away.”
The lead Kodiak had already deployed its bulldozer prow and was beginning to push aside the rocks and sand, a couple of squads climbing the inclines to its left and right to check the other side.
A sudden crack rang out, Cooper snapping his helmet around, the external cameras giving him a view of a Marine who was standing over a newly slain Rask. The man holstered his sidearm before continuing on, his companions trailing behind him.
“Fucking cats are still resisting,” he marveled. “Can’t even patch them up without them trying to claw your face off.”
“That one looks like he’s had enough,” the Sergeant added. “Bearing one-twenty.”
“Oh yeah,” Cooper chuckled, watching as a wounded Rask who was leaning against a rock was treated by a Marine whose comrades still had their weapons trained on him. The alien’s thigh was leaking dark arterial blood, the Marine sealing the wound with a canister of expanding foam from his medkit. Another gunshot rang out, it sounded like somebody else was being uncooperative.
“What do you reckon the other Borealans think of this?” Barry asked, Cooper turning his gaze to a pack of the armored aliens who were milling about near their IFV.
“The Elysians probably hate the Rask more than we do,” the commander replied. “They wouldn’t even share a table in the mess, and that was back when they weren’t shooting at each other. This planet isn’t unified, there’s no United Nations equivalent here. This is a war of one territory against another, not Borealans against humans.”
“Let’s hope they all see it that way,” Cooper muttered.
It took several hours for the blockage to be cleared away, the medivac dropship finally arriving, swooping low over the convoy on its stubby wings. The wind was picking up now, the sandstorm closing in, darkening the sky to the West. Cooper watched the craft touch down on a rocky plateau nearby, Marines ferrying the wounded up the hill and into its troop bay, the idling engines blowing clouds of dust. Next came the critically injured Rask, their stretchers carried by the Shock Troopers, as even four humans couldn’t lift them. Last was a procession of only half a dozen PoWs who had survived the ambush, their clawed hands bound behind their backs with sturdy cable ties, their round ears flattened against their bowed heads. They looked suitably cowed. They would probably be handed over to the Elysians, and he had no idea what the aliens would do with them. Prison? Execution, maybe?
“Here’s hoping the Rask have learned their lesson, and that was their last attempt to stop us,” the Sergeant said as he watched the vessel lift off. “It’s hard to take pride in a massacre.”
“They only have themselves to blame,” Cooper replied with a shrug. “This whole situation is entirely their own fault.”
The Marines returned to their vehicles, the damaged IFV now patched up, the convoy finally starting to move again. The troop transport ahead of them jolted to life, the Kodiak’s engine shaking the hull as Barry drove after it, leaving the scene of the battle behind them. They had recovered what few Marines had fallen, but there was no practical way for them to dispose of what must be a couple of hundred dead Rask. They had left them behind, mostly out of necessity, but partly as a warning.
(Continued in part 2)
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2021.12.06 21:21 QuickerGamingYT ♾ InfinityDOT just got audited by Techrate, listed on CMC and Coingeko and touched 7MM Marketcap in just 5 days from launch! Exchanges already sending in their offers!

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2021.12.06 21:21 Nicodemu5 This pretty much sums up everyone's experience on The Library on legendary

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2021.12.06 21:21 withacupofcoffee Free for new player!! ::::: free123/////321 ::::: Region: America

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2021.12.06 21:21 Hugh_G_Normus Do they clear the marbles between races?

F1 newb here. Do they clear the tyre bits off the track between races? I’d imagine the track would be treacherous by Sunday if not. Let me know, thanks!
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2021.12.06 21:21 SpookieFemBoy Wearing Sexy Fishnets...

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2021.12.06 21:21 george_espley Help me escape:)

Idk how to start this I’m 15 years old from uk, my dads an elder, I started to realise that I wanted to leave when I was like 12, I was a labelled a ‘rebellious’ child when I was 13 (I had a gf, smoked, drank and did whatever other kids my age were doing) I kind of accepted I was gonna die at Armageddon
I have been (unwilling) homeschooled for the past 2 years as I was caught smoking weed at school and was suspended for 2 weeks but decided to take me out, the last 2 years have been hell because I’m always stuck at home with my dad (who had a head injury at work that left him with ptsd ect) I’m not allowed any association with my old ‘worldly friends’ and quite frankly I miss them like mad
My parents know I want to leave but are guilt tripping me into staying and I’m absolutely terrified that Armageddon may be true and that I will die , I have even considered suicide as my only way to get to paradise
I wanna know if there’s a way out without completely breaking my family’s hearts and destroying my relationship with them but I also wanna make sure that I have completely disproved the religion to my self before leaving although I’m 99% decided
Sorry if none of the above made sense I’m not used to explaining my feelings lol
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2021.12.06 21:21 ShortAlgo $ALTO So easy to trade with the Short / Buy signals. Register for 7-Day Trial Access at https://t.co/4iPw4wGRcw https://t.co/ABu6udHIhj

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2021.12.06 21:21 Mynewsify-Website Tesla replacing faulty Autopilot cameras in some vehicles – CNBC, Latest News

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2021.12.06 21:21 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Cramer says Monday's stock market rally could persist until at least Friday ¦ CNBC on Youtube

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2021.12.06 21:21 Independent_joe04 Split skin opening of left nostril

Age 32 Gender Female Height 5’7” Weight 162lbs Duration of problem 2 days Issue: split/crack at the opening of left nostril ( its at the top where the septum meets the left nostril opening) Medication: iron, multivitamin, vitamin d
I have this split/cut at the opening of the left nostril at the top near the septum. Can someone tell me what causes it and how to heal it? I know cracks around mouth edges /angular chelitis is yeast so is this also similar?
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2021.12.06 21:21 Upstairs_Exercise419 Dm me if you wanna jerk off in game. Must mic if possible

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2021.12.06 21:21 akasin Electric drums making too much noise through floor.

Hi, I’m hoping you guys can help, I just got an electric drum kit and it seems like the kick pedals on the floor are making too much noise for my neighbor below, does anyone have any ideas how I can soften it more? I have a spare twin mattress but would that absorb the noise if i put a table top on top of the mattress? Any other ideas?
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2021.12.06 21:21 Zeeeskrilla Are foamrunners true to size?

I wear a size 11 and want to know if I should size up or not, much appreciated
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2021.12.06 21:21 Shazazmic Would anyone be willing to help with Ubers :o (PS4)

Meph murked me and is right over the portal, I'm on PS4 so after my 45 second load screen I'm dead as soon as I spawn in.
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2021.12.06 21:21 Medz86 Highest level in Fallout 4

The highest I got was 35-45 can not remember exactly. I started back up for the winter and going for 100+
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2021.12.06 21:21 o1o22o1o Anyone else having a sneky suspicion that this earning report is going to be different and Kenny knows it...usually rug pull happens right after earnings. They seem to be hitting it hard trying to get as much paperhands out BEFORE earnings. Either way, enjoying the extended black Friday sale!

Anyone else having a sneky suspicion that this earning report is going to be different and Kenny knows it...usually rug pull happens right after earnings. They seem to be hitting it hard trying to get as much paperhands out BEFORE earnings. Either way, enjoying the extended black Friday sale! submitted by o1o22o1o to Superstonk [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 21:21 redpaper8 UDR firmware 2.3.7

New firmware added Access, Talk and UID to the UDR
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2021.12.06 21:21 GairBear12 Golf Pass

Has anyone from the UK used GolfPass before and would you say it’s worth £99?
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2021.12.06 21:21 Mynewsify-Website US says Nvidia-Arm deal harms market for networking, self-driving car chips, Latest News

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2021.12.06 21:21 ShortAlgo $ALXO Looks oversold Register for 7-Day Trial Access at https://t.co/4iPw4wGRcw https://t.co/ojyCDCPAXs

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