National Day Calendar Celebrates Learn a Foreign Language Month on December - Monthly

2021.12.06 20:12 redit202 National Day Calendar Celebrates Learn a Foreign Language Month on December - Monthly

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2021.12.06 20:12 AutumnGr Fiancé not putting in effort, but coworker is.

Hello, so I (23F) have been together with my Fiancé (24M) for about 5 1/2 years now. We’ve had our good times and bad times like most relationships. But now I just feel stuck with a guy whose too comfortable with me. Also, I have no idea how to properly break up with someone without going full blown self destruction. So there’s that. Then I have a coworker (25M), who knows I’m engaged, but has still shared his feelings for him. And not going to lie we click. We have a great connection. He listens to me more than fiancé. Is nicer and even gives me more compliments. But I’ve only know him for a month, and idk if it’s worth starting all over again instead of trying to make it work with my fiancé even though I feel unfulfilled in the relationship. And I’m just unsure what to do with my life. My fiancé and I have an apartment, a car in our names, and 3 cats we got together. It’d be a lot to breakup. But my coworkers makes me feel more important. So I really don’t know what to do with myself. Any advice is appreciated
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2021.12.06 20:12 Axolotl_human the pugs are coming dan...

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2021.12.06 20:12 A_Regular_Boat The Elite (Do not kneel)

First of all, I want to emphasize that what I'm about to say is more real than anyone of y'all can possibly imagine and things are about to get really serious soon. This will be a long one. Please read this and don’t be quick to Judge. Try and understand it a bit.
A while ago back in June, it felt like I died and came back. Now this sounds insane but hear me out on this...
Other dimensions exist. Whether you believe it or not they do. This all happened after some crazy spiritual experiences (smoking weed and doing mushrooms) with my brother and his fiancé. His fiancé claimed to be an empath and could pick up on energy (whether it be from other people or spiritual). There is a whole lot to be said in terms of what actually happened between all of us but I just want to focus on one thing as of right now. Things began to take place after (this is going to sound unbelievable) we took in a cat and he started talking to me. Crazy right? Things in my life weren't that great and I was surrounded with nothing but negativity. The more I sat at home in my head with these negative thoughts; the worse things got in the house. One day we all took mushrooms and things started to get very weird. I started having strange visions of the world. Then we all began to talk about prophesies and secret organizations in the world. For some reason it began to feel like we were soldiers of some sort (something very dark was listening to us and watching us). You could just feel the energy as soon as you walked into the house; it was like entering another realm every time. Eventually, things got to a point where I started losing sight of myself (going crazy) because of this dark entity. One day, I started talking to my cat and apparently sold my soul (I never intended on this to happen). It was after this point (on a different day) in which it felt like I was shot in the head and the heart. My vision went completely red and everything went static for a second. After a short period, I felt completely different and like I was the only person on earth. It was like I entered a different plane of existence and reality itself. I got up from where I was sitting (on my bed) and went out into the living room. I sat on the couch and started to gaze into a mirror that I had laying against a wall. The mirror then fogged up (almost like a white mist) and a white face slowly started to appear, growing larger and larger. At this point a full head was recognizable and I thought I was going absolutely crazy. I started moving my head left and right and to my amazement it was following me. The mirror then changed again but this time it turned green entirely and things (what I could only describe as tiny heads) were moving from right to left (they filled the entire mirror). I thought I was absolutely delusional so I went to check my brothers mirror in his bathroom to see if it was doing the same thing (it wasn’t). I went back to the mirror in the living room to see if it was still going and it was. At this point, I was freaking out so I tried calling my brother and his fiancé but my signal wouldn’t go through at all. I had the worst feeling in the world and for some reason it felt like it was happening everywhere. I decided to try and leave so I opened my front door but was met with a gust of wind (as if I couldn’t leave). I felt hopeless... I curled up into a ball and just started crying because I thought I’d never be able to see my family again. I decided to stand up and do something about the situation. I decided to smash the mirror... I went into the kitchen and grabbed whatever I could find (a can opener); stood beside the mirror and started smashing it to pieces. After I took the first hit, it was as if reality itself shifted into another parallel. When the mirror was into bits and I decided it was good enough, I decided to try and go outside again. Except only this time I was able to and everything was empty... there were no cars parked in any spots and no people to be found. A few seconds passed and it was like my vision flickered and everything came back.
Jump forward a month later...
I moved into a new apartment (thought I was starting fresh) but little did I know things had only just begun... My relationship with my brother got to a point where it was like he wasn’t even my brother anymore (I never wished for things to end up like the way that they did). Things started getting worse. Since I was actually on my own now, I was always alone with the cat. Plus, I was still smoking weed at the time. Things between the cat and I started getting to what I could only describe as insane. I started talking to the cat more and more every day. I was in need of someone to talk to and just a friend in general to which I turned to the cat for because it seemed that everyone else didn’t really want anything to do with me. This was a mistake... Over time, I began to feel like something was swaying me (the same darkness as before) except this was different. One day, something very strange happened and this is the part that I need everyone to hear. I was going about my usual routine, talking to the cat and then someone/something asked me to kneel. Well, I did but as soon as I started to it felt wrong entirely so I stopped myself and only kneeled halfway. After I got up (feeling what I had done was wrong) I made myself diner. While I was eating, it was like a tiny worm had entered my mouth (like a parasite of sorts or something). I say this to everyone in confidence; DO NOT KNEEL DOWN! Little did I know... I had just knelt for The Elite (the ones who wrote the Bible). This parasite goes into your body and overtime finds its way to your neck. It then enters your brain and tries to take control of you from there. Overtime, I could feel this thing expanding itself in my head and throughout my brain. It’s like an AI almost if you think about it that way; except a bit more sinister. You see, this parasite wants to do nothing but cause trouble and chaos. It tends to go on repeat with things to try and make you go insane if you refuse to listen. This thing began to tell me that I was to fulfill a prophesy and join the Army... Strange right? Earlier I stated that someone was listening in on my brother, his fiancé and I talking about this kind of thing. I figured out, overtime, that The Elite are the ones who run the world and have been around for centuries. I’m here to tell you exactly who these people are and what they want to do. They are the ones behind COVID-19 and they created this virus with a purpose (to change the world). They had people isolate themselves and distance away from everyone so they would forget what their daily lives should look like... that was a success. They are looking to create a New Order... Currently in progress. They pushed everyone into submission by isolation and now vaccination (I would advise not getting it). The funny part about this thing entering my head is that no matter what they say or do, they can’t control me. Apparently, I’m unique in nature and have absolute control of this thing. They want me to believe that I’m in hell but I know that it’s not so. Everyone needs to understand the seriousness of the situation that I share with you now. Whether you believe it or not... It’s happening. All they want to do is divide and conquer. All they want is War. I want to see us succeed as a society, but given our past (history) up to the point of right now, I see that we are too corrupt. Society has forgotten the simple principle of love. They’ve forgotten the principles that were laid out far before their time. Unfortunately, I witnessed everything unfold overtime and now I’m stating my piece. Things need to change. We’ve come so far as mankind but corruption has consumed us. People have become so brainwashed and blind due to bias. The media divides the people in hopes that we’ll all turn against one another instead of mustering the strength to fight back. Governments (worldwide) are so worried about their people (fighting back corruption) that they use mass surveillance to make sure that everyone stays in line (not okay). Also, I get that money is the staple of our society in terms of living... but it shouldn’t mean power. Money is a tool of trade not power. Unfortunately, it’s become the epidemy of our society because of the way it’s used. We wager money over each other's lives and it’s sickening. The world leaders that we currently have today (most of them) should be ashamed of themselves. I’m not one for war but I believe that we’re headed in that direction currently. If we can't change as a society and learn to treat one another just a tad bit better... then maybe we don’t deserve to be a society at all. It’s always been Left vs. Right... there can’t just be a middle ground and it’s ridiculous. Life is a gift and we take it for granted. For the record, I have no side and I speak without bias.
-Thank you for reading
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2021.12.06 20:12 VanDykeBrown The ORD Terminal 2 SkyClub has the best gingerbread house so far. Nice work!

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2021.12.06 20:12 WiLLl0cK1 made these on my phone, first try at digital art

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2021.12.06 20:12 otter_14 ✨ the glamorous granny gang ✨ + yolky

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2021.12.06 20:12 OpeningSuspect7296 Hi! Does anyone know where to find boots similar to these? Thanks a lot!

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2021.12.06 20:12 Sampo Haavisto oli ulkoministerien tapaamisessa Ruotsissa, 8:lla tapaamiseen osallistuneista on todettu koronatartunta [ruotsiksi]

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2021.12.06 20:12 MK_153 CRL World Finals 2021: About Mo Light…

Fuck him for BMing Egor.
Before that, I liked him enough to watch some of his YT videos, but when he did that during the final moments of that match, it said a lot.
If he had been on the way to beating amigo, in the final moments he probably would’ve done the same thing. And if that happened, what a salty way to end the season.
BMing can be fun, but when you’re in CRL you gotta show more respect to your fellow competitors.
Congratulations Mugi.
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2021.12.06 20:12 _lost-lost_ Girl asked me if I hate her. What should I do?

So, there's this girl in my class, with who I became friends. We did a lot of different things together and I was kind of into her. But as time passed one we lost contact and didn't even say hi to each other.
Then after 9 months or so, she randomly texts me on a day off. The text said: "Heyyy. do you hate me?". I was so confused, that I had to think for more than a hour, what I should text back. I replied with: "no, what makes you think that?". I don't hate her at all, in fact I even wanted to asked her if she would like to do something again, but apparently I give off hate-vibes. Since she asked me that, it's stuck in my head and bothers me. I was thinking to ask her, if she had time to do something so we could talk about but I'm not sure if that would end well. The whole situation is even more awkward than it already was and I don't know what to do.
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2021.12.06 20:12 ZaCLoNe Email code

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2021.12.06 20:12 keerosah Daily Miku #017

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2021.12.06 20:12 Noahdg83 Considering their size and leg structure, Velociraptors probably hopped around like Kangaroos

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2021.12.06 20:12 jhplano % of SPX stocks above the 50/200 MA ?

How do I set up this: Need to monitor the # of individual stocks that make up the SPX, that are above the 50 and 200 day EMA. Thanks.
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2021.12.06 20:12 MrMacfly1 Introducing Sun Struck forest! Available on Rarible now!

Introducing Sun Struck forest! Available on Rarible now!
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2021.12.06 20:12 thron97774 Acho que eu nunca odiei uma palavra tanto quanto "Latinx"

Só isso mesmo, que palavra merda ein. Nunca vi ninguém usar exceto gringo branco e empresas querendo pagar de inclusiva, nem na internet nem na vida real. Não sei nem como se pronuncia essa bagaça.
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2021.12.06 20:12 idspispopd Amber Bracken and Michael Toledano on the decline of press freedom in Canada

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2021.12.06 20:12 No_Rest_7846 You've heard of Elf on a Shelf. Now get ready for...

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2021.12.06 20:12 Tayne0 Lauren Jackson: The GOAT of Australian Basketball

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2021.12.06 20:12 Sugarchou Mochi (beige) & Mocha's (standard) birthday! Today they're both 6 years old! ♡

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2021.12.06 20:12 iamcece I send my boyfriend very cute pictures.

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2021.12.06 20:12 AcerOne17 My first owner only squad. Anyone else have a first owner only squad? I’ve had some decent pack luck this year and done tons of SBCs which is how I get most of my packs.

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2021.12.06 20:12 wnw121 What antenna 5 or 8DBI?

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2021.12.06 20:12 rskid09 420 twitch sesh

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