Wallet found Dundas St W (Help me find owner)

2022.01.24 23:49 michaeleid Wallet found Dundas St W (Help me find owner)

Hello my friend,
I found a (your wallet) in the snow in front of a bakery on Dundas St W. You were there grabbing some bread as I was and probably dropped it on your way out.
I didn't want to leave it there as it could have gotten lost with the snow so I turned it in at the cashier of that same bakery. I didn't peek inside so I didn't see your name but you can call at the bakery tomorrow and they will have it for you.
Hopefully you see this and this make your worries go away. I lost my wallet in NYC so I know what it feels like.
PM to confirm bakery address and wallet description.
Stay safe
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2022.01.24 23:49 shreddedcoc0nut raised ring of skin around piercing?

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2022.01.24 23:49 PacNWnudist Nudist driving to Vegas in March, looking to "van camp" or couch surf in Reno and LV

My belief is that one should be nude when possible, clothed when practical.
I will be driving to Las Vegas for a convention in the first part of March. I plan on "van camping" but would love to have the opportunity to safely park in someone's driveway and possibly use their bathroom facilities to shower. It would be awesome to meet some fellow nudists at the same time.
Reno is about halfway to Vegas for me and would make a great stopping point. It would just be for one night on the way down and then one on the way back up about 5 days later.
It would be nice to find a place in Vegas to do the same thing, but I would need 5 nights. Access to electricity would be a bonus as I have a plug-in hybrid.
Of course I'm open to couchsurfing and will hang nude with anyone.
If this sounds of interest to you, let me know! I hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks!
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2022.01.24 23:49 russo_liberal I miss them.

I miss them so much.
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2022.01.24 23:49 carl164 What IS a word?

A collection of letters? What makes a word a word? What makes a word get banned? Jdgdgjfb kdvywuvd ksiqiuw kdgegsh?
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2022.01.24 23:49 chrisjscott trying to restore files for my Dad from old 4GB IDE HD

My Dad had a hard drive that died on him about 10 years ago, a Seagate ST34311A 4.3GB IDE hard drive. We sent it to a recovery service and they told us they couldn't get anything from it so it sat on a shelf.
Fast forward and he's wishing he had the old architecture work he lost on this drive so I figured, "I'll give it a try" (BTW, I'm in IT; not some noob who just would hit the thing with a screwdriver). So I tried mounting it using my USB adapter - the adapter is recognized by Win10 but no devices on it.
Figuring the drive head may be stuck, I opened it up and moved the head all the way off the platter, then closed it up and tried again - no change.
Next thought was to give gparted a try - it gets as far as "Confirming dev/sdd" (which I'm guessing is the equivalent of "I see your adapter but am not finding any volumes on it").
Last thought is to boot it with the cover open (what am I going to do - break it?) and watch the arm behavior (note that the adapter isn't plugged in to a computer at this point)
With the arm starting in the outermost point, it powers up and the arm immediately moves all the way IN (I now realize that that's it's "home base"). It then moves back out to the outer edge and "flicks" there, repeatedly, as if it's looking for a place to start. A bit of furious fluttering mid-platter and then it stops. Power off the drive returns the arm to the inner-most point.
I could be wasting my time with this but... I dunno... maybe this means something to someone here...?
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2022.01.24 23:49 0bi1KenObi66 Self explanatory

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2022.01.24 23:49 shmottlahb Which BOC track would accompany this best?

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2022.01.24 23:49 TheJakeanator272 Finally got around to beating the adventure mode on this game

I can proudly say I beat about 99% of it on hard. There is absolutely no way to beat the last mission on hard. The boss run portion had me stuck so long…I finally had to give up and just switch to normal.
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2022.01.24 23:49 No_Potato5164 My baby

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2022.01.24 23:49 SofiBK Looking through the Windows

A Windows employee is sick of their job, so decides to have a little fun and look at random data of random people. She sees the text records of the people she knows and discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her with many different women. Because she's angry, she reveals all kinds of embarrassing stuff, emails, pictures and else.
After doing that she realizes that she's got the most powerful thing in the world: information. She starts looking for data about all the people she ever knew. She finds out that an old friend was an actor, a neighbor was running for major at a small town, etc. So she decides to make herself some money. She gathers all the possible embarrassing, harmful information and blackmails as many people as she can.
She finds out that she's probably going to get fired, so what does she do? She blackmails the CEO of the company. And Bill Gates. And many judges and cops. And pretty much everyone. She becomes one of the most important people on earth by just having information.
And people didn't want to tell others that they were getting blackmailed. Everyone knew that there was someone blackmailing people, and if they blackmailed you, it's probably because you did something worth blackmailing. No one wants people to think that you do embarrassing things, everyone wants people to think that you are normal, that you have a dignity.
Until one day, a journalist (who happened to be one of the girls her ex-boyfriend was cheating her with) gives her message to the world. We all pretty much have embarrassing stuff. We all are a bit fucked up, maybe some more than others. So fuck it. We should be proud of the things that makes us happy, not embarrassed.
As she says that, the Windows employee starts to reveal all kinds of information in a funny scene. She reveals the journalist was gay and her parents, homophobic, have a great fight, only to reveal that her dad was cheating...with a man. Her ex-boyfriend had many STDs. The actor friend was a drug addict, and the major neighbor is being chased by the police because of being the actor's drug dealer. Chaos. Everywhere.
Some people think of her as a villain, some others as a hero. She helped the police to finally find and send to justice many criminals and other bad people. Governments fall, families are broken, friendships are ended.
But now, there was no information left to blackmail people with, and she goes to jail. But she does that with a smile on her face. She proved that she can build an information empire. Not by threatening money, passwords, or material things, but by threatening one simple, intangible, thing: the pride of the human being.

 #The end. 
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2022.01.24 23:49 Skrug_tuggler I bought Sonic Generations recently, but it won't launch.

Well, it will, but will linger on a black screen for about 3 seconds then crash. I've scoured the internet in an attempt to fix it, but nothing has worked. Verifying game files, re-installing, deleting the graphicsconfig.cfg, trying every single variation of the configuration launch option and trying to force it to run in windowed (it didn't, it just continued to start in fullscreen.)
Does anyone have any clue how to make this work? I'm running Windows 10 if that helps.
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2022.01.24 23:49 morenike1206 Where can I find this bag pleaseeeeeeee! Help a sister. It’s Christian Louboutin

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2022.01.24 23:49 Drunk_Brit hold up wait a minute something ain't right

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2022.01.24 23:49 Andrew_Is_Tall I’ve been looking for the button up t shirt that Devon saws had been wearing for years. I noticed it’s an NMD shirt. But that’s all I know. Please help.

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2022.01.24 23:49 Skogula Why do scuba divers always fall backwards into the water?

Because if they fall forwards, they would land in the boat.
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2022.01.24 23:49 bluecjj Why I've used goal differential/SRS to estimate a team's strength

I've made a bunch of posts at this point, involving evaluating teams based on a stat adapted from Sports Reference called the Simple Rating (or Ranking) System. To summarize the stat in a sentence, it takes a team's goal differential per game, and adds it to the goal differential per game of their opponents.
I've had threads with people, though, who feel that I shouldn't be using goal differential to evaluate teams. So I think it's worth taking a step back and discussing in depth why I do what I do.
The Pros of Goal Differential

So now that I've went through why I like goal differential, let's have a look at different objections people might have to it, and alternatives that could be posed.
Alternative 1: Just Go By Placement in Events Complexity made top 8 in the Fall Major! That must mean they're one of the 8 best teams in the world, right? ...Right?
My SRS model for the Fall ended up saying that no, Complexity isn't one of the 8 best teams; more like #12. Not because the model had a problem with their Sweden performance; it was fantastic! Rather, because they had some performances in regional events (the 2nd, and particularly the 3rd), where goal differential is much less impressed with them than their overall placement. The most glaring example was the third regional, where they managed to make top-8 despite a total goal differential of -11.
That's a case where just looking at placement is going to mislead you a bit, compared you if you take a closer look at a team's performance (in that case, as we'll get to later, Complexity's first Winter regional made SRS look better than your average fan).
There are some extreme cases where just looking at placement is going to severely mislead you. While Dignitas finished 5th-8th at Sweden, there's no reasonable way to believe that their performance there was not a top-4 level. Not only was their Swiss stage stunningly dominant, to a degree that we might never have seen before, but they actually outscored SMPR in the quarterfinal series that they lost to them. Sometimes a team plays extremely well in an event, and bows out earlier than expected, because that's just what happens sometimes. And SRS is going to remember that.
Alternative 2: Rely on Head-to-Head More/Near-Exclusively You had NRG over BDS in your Fall rankings! How could that be? Did you not see those teams play each other? Renegades beat FURIA, but you had FURIA ahead of them! How can that be? Etc. etc.
I'll preface the rest of this by saying that NRG vs. BDS is something the model could have weighed in on differently depending on some methodological questions, that we'll get to later (goal percentage would help BDS; raw goal differential also paints a rosier picture than W-L does of NA in general, and NRG in particular, from Sweden).
It definitely is tempting to see one team beat another, and conclude they must be better (especially if it's a case like BDS-NRG where they played three series and BDS won them all). Most fans would, and did, see that and conclude that BDS absolutely has to be placed over NRG in any list.
The problem with actually following that logic and messing with lists based on head-to-head is two-fold:
  1. As I said before, large sample sizes are everything. NRG played 147 total games in the Fall split, and BDS played 131. Only 16 of those games were against each other (and that's quite a lot compared to most H2H combinations, especially int'l ones). You're just going to get more information from looking at all 262 of those games, than just 16 of them.
  2. Another important point to make, though, is that you want these lists to be transitive; and using H2H messes up transitivity. A good example of this point is to take FaZe, NRG and BDS as a trio of teams. If you try to rank them based on H2H from Sweden, you can't do it; FaZe beat BDS, and BDS beat NRG, but NRG beat FaZe. It's not possible to make a list of those three teams that wouldn't contradict at least one of those results.
    1. You can debate back and forth about whether H2H is a "real" thing. Given that BDS beat NRG the last three times, what does that say about their probability of winning a potential fourth? One school of thought would say that these teams are basically even, so the fourth series is also a tossup, and you shouldn't care about the last three any more than you'd care about a coin coming up heads three times in a row. The second school of thought would say that BDS should in fact get an adjustment when projecting the fourth series, because they appear to have a H2H advantage. What's most important, though, is that all of this would only actually apply when BDS and NRG would play each other. When I make a list of the best teams of the world, I want it to be broadly applicable; I want to be able to take BDS' rating and use it to gauge any team's chances of beating them, not just NRG. If I mess with their rating to make sure they're ahead of NRG, it could screw up what the model thinks of games NRG and BDS play that aren't against each other.
In case you're wondering why the model had NRG>BDS, the main culprit is BDS's third regional. They paradoxically managed to make top-4 with a negative goal differential. Also, BDS' goal differential in their 16 games against NRG was +6. That 12-goal difference between the teams is going to matter a little, but it's not going to override everything else, necessarily.
Alternative 3: Use Goal Percentage This is the first alternative that I do genuinely think is a good one. It's 100% true that there are some teams that are more defensively oriented, and thus goal differential isn't going to like them as much.
One thing I've experimented doing is taking a team's SRS first, and then taking their average total goals per game, and getting "adjusted goal percentage" from that (ex. if you have an SRS of +1 and your games have 4 total goals on average, your "adjusted goal%" is 2.5/4, or 62.5%). There are two main concerns I have with this:
Based on some simple math, I estimated that even though raw SRS had NRG>BDS by about 0.06 goals/game, when I take their region-adjusted SRS ratings and use total goals/game from Sweden, you end up having NRG and BDS closer to equal (although probably still slightly in favor of NRG) when you estimate "adjusted goal%" that way. If a team is better by SRS by a while, goal percentage won't change much, but it will matter on the margins.
Another idea would be to scrap the raw goal differential entirely, and just have the model use goal percentage from the ground up. That would be a pain in the ass for a few reasons, though. First of all, goal percentages for individual games will be super out of whack; a 1-0 win means 100% of the goals, where a BRA7:1L "only" means 87.5%. So I'd have to weight games/opponent adjustments based on total goals, or something, which isn't as simple as how this works with SRS. And not only that, but you have the same concerns about non-linearity/intransitivity that you have for win percentage.
Alternative 4: Just Use Game Differential Before I thought of using SRS (which I generally think to be superior), my first version of a rating system for RL (that wasn't Elo) was, in fact, a function of win percentage. I took a team's win percentage, and made a log odds-based adjustment based on what the average win percentage of the team's opponents was.
I was planning on doing some sort of region-adjusted power rankings during the Major, but what convinced me that couldn't be done was in fact Tokyo Verdy's inability to win a game. You can't do opponent adjustments for game differential when your opponent's win percentage is 0%. It also makes trying to use all of this to evaluate other APAC teams nonsensical (there's no "gradations" you can make when you're losing every game, unlike with goal differential, where you can say that Verdy lost by this many goals in the Major and other APAC teams lost by this many goals to Verdy).
So using game differential runs into practical problems (especially when there's small sample sizes and 0-fors flying around), but I think I also do prefer goal differential to it as far as evaluating teams goes. There's some of the points I made above (it's larger sample size and more granular), but I also find that it broadly aligns with my intuitions.
BDS vs. NRG in the Grand Finals at Sweden is a good example of this, in my opinion. If you were just told that BDS won 2-0 8-4, you might have interpreted that as a butt-kicking. Goals (BDS 25, NRG 21) on the other hand, tells a different story; that these are in fact two relatively evenly-matched teams.
My sense from watching those series was absolutely more in line with the second position. I didn't have a sense that I was witnessing a demolition, but rather than I was watching thrilling, top-tier Rocket League from two amazing teams, where you never knew what would happen next. There were so many great plays from both sides, so many impossible saves, etc., that it was impossible to look away. I was hooked for the vast majority of the time in those series, which is really saying something given that it was a best-of-set, which are known to overstay their welcome sometimes. It would have been an injustice to these teams, and to the product they produced, if you just took "2-0 8-4" and concluded that NRG barely belonged on the pitch with them.
One "intuition pump" that might help you, is to think about how you were feeling during Game 7, and how you thought/think a prospective third series could have gone had that Game 7 gone the other way. From my perspective, I was rooting for BDS, but I also wanted a close match. I was conflicted with those two desires, though, because I really did fear that NRG was too dangerous to take to a third series; that these teams were in the same ballpark as each other, so the third series would have most likely been very competitive as well. Goal differential agrees with this intuition; game differential not as much.
Alternative 5: Adjust for Score Effects There are times in a Rocket League game where the positive expected value of a goal for is different from the negative expected value of a goal against. An obvious case is at 0 seconds down a goal; you're extremely unlikely to win, so scoring a goal and making it a tie game would be a massive change in win probability. If you give up a goal, all it does it change the game from very likely against you to certainly against you, which isn't such a big change.
One of the people I interacted with a few days ago leaned heavily on this phenomenon to tell me that goal differential is meaningless and I have no business using it. They used an example of an absurd drubbing between Renegades and Ground Zero (a series that Renegades won 5-1, 7-0, 3-2, 10-0). I was well familiar with this series, and took it as a strong sign that these two teams are not actually as good as each other, despite what conventional wisdom might have suggested. This person took another angle, and rather said that Ground Zero basically gave up mid-way through the 10-0 game, so we should dismiss it. This person also mentioned G2's 7-0 game against Verdy at Sweden, and said that there was a snowball effect in that game, so we again should dismiss that scoreline.
If I were to take this as constructive, actionable criticism, I'd interpret it as saying that I should weight goals less when they're scored when a team is ahead, or weight goals the most that are scored when the score is within 1, or something like that. This person seemed to be making an overall point that leading teams tend to snowball, so that would probably be the fix most aligned with the particular criticism.
The problem with this suggestion is twofold (although it's the same basic problem).
First of all, in order to feel comfortable making this decision, I would have to demonstrate that score effects exist in the first place. I would have to have data in front of me that tell me that on the whole, teams score more (or less) often when they're ahead. I don't even have the kind of data/coding yet that would allow me to analyze such information in the first place, but even if I did, I'd have to find a way to distinguish a genuine "snowball effect" from merely a team both taking, and extending the lead because they were better than the other team (rather than the additional goals actually having to do with their lead as such).
I wouldn't be surprised if in the future, I ended up finding that trailing teams get more chances overall while leading teams get more counter-attacking chances with more "bang for their buck", and that these phenomena cancel each other out (such that leading and trailing teams are ultimately at about a level playing field).
And then second of all, I also don't have the system currently to efficiently tabulate results with these weighted goal totals so I can perform SRS calculations (or whatever other system that would then be) with them. With raw goals, I can put games in relatively quickly because I'm just mindlessly copying Liquipedia.
Alternative 6: Use the Square Root of Goal Differential (or something similar) Other options involve raising the goal differential of every game to a power between 0 and 1.
Take that 10-goal game in OCE, for example. With raw goal differential, that game cancels out ten one-goal games that go the opposite way. That's a pretty harsh punishment, and I understand why you may feel that's too harsh. That would be the equivalent of an exponent of 1 (you raise 10 to the 1 power and you get +10 for REN, -10 for GZ).
Now, if we just did game differential, the 10-goal game is exactly the game as a 1-goal game, which in my opinion is just absurd. That would be the equivalent of an exponent of 0 (you raise 10 to the zero power and you get +1 for REN, -1 for GZ; just reducing the system to game differential).
There are other systems that would serve as middle grounds, though. The square root of 10 is around 3.16. Using an exponent of 0.5 (the same thing as a square root) would register that game as +3.16 for REN, -3.16 for GZ. Now, the 10-goal game is being treated as canceling out three one-goal games.
There are all sorts of other numbers between 0 and 1 you could also use, that would determine just how much you care about blowouts vs. close games.
Something that I've been planning on doing (and which I might report on in the comments) is to test all of these ideas empirically. The idea is to take Fall split results from a team, and to predict each game with a team's performance from all their other games, using different exponents to weight goal differentials. The exponent that predicts the best is the one I'd be inclined to go with going forward.
The downside of this approach would be that I might have to do some fancy stuff for the opponent adjustments to still work (where with goal differential, it was easy/intuitive enough to just use simple addition).
SRS' track record so far I haven't been using SRS for very long, but there have been some "hot takes" it's had. So I'd like to have a look at how those hot takes have aged so far, with a Winter regional in the books for every region.
In brackets ("[LAST WEEKEND]") are takes pertaining to regions that played last weekend, to comply with the sub's policies on revealing recent results (I'm also deliberately not using the s-word to make sure the post doesn't automatically get s-word tagged). I'll edit the post later to include them.
  1. My SRS ranking of NA teams in the Fall had SSG 4th, Complexity 6th, even though if you went on the standings, you'd think Complexity were better. It's true that there's been a roster change, but I'd say overall this take has aged well so far. We'll see what happens next weekend though.
  2. SRS made a clear distinction between Renegades (up there with the best in the world) and Ground Zero (not in said category). I'm putting this in the positive category despite REN's surprising 3rd-place loss, because nobody would have expected that; you would get misled by conventional wisdom, though, into thinking REN and GZ are the same. And I think there's a clear enough contrast between their most recent performances to put this in the dub column for now.
  1. My model wasn't around for the SSG-COL tiebreak, but if it was, it definitely would have picked SSG. I think most people did, but there were outliers (Stax included) who did pick COL, so I'd have to give them credit for that fact.
Mixed bag
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2022.01.24 23:49 LetMeStealYourLAUGH Low Fps on warzone with 3080. What's the problem?

Hello I recently bought a asus rog strix G15CE from ebay and placed my 3080 FE on it. It's getting low fps about 110-120 on low setting at 1080p.
I7-11700f Be quite! Pure rock 2 cpu cooler 32 GB ram (16x2) 3600mhz Be quite 1000w PSU
Idk what else I could of done to increase my fps but when playing my cpu time is at 8-10 about 1 hour in.
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2022.01.24 23:49 Juan_Carlo XPS 17 HDR Issues

I have the XPS 17 with HDR UHD and it's never been able to run videos terribly well with HDR turned on. Sometimes, it will work fine if I have, for example, a Netflix or Hulu video in fullscreen and don't touch it (it seems to lag at first, but will eventually settle into running OK). However, with other streaming services (some youtube HDR videos, Apple +, Prime, etc) enabling HDR makes the videos so choppy that I have to turn them off.
In addition, if I leave HDR on, it makes everything slow and sluggish. Surfing the internet, Windows animations, and etc.
I've read that this is a known issue. However, I'm curious if anyone has found a way to fix it? Is it a driver issue? Is my hardware (1650 ti) simply not powerful enough to handle HDR?
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2022.01.24 23:49 LaurenceButtlicker Why Not Just Advocate For Abolishing Gender?

Hello everyone - please excuse my ignorance.
It is my understanding that gender is a set of social constructs assigned to a sex.
Moreover, it is also my understanding that people transition because of gender dysmorphia and that by transitioning it will aid in helping them be perceived with what societal norms they feel most comfortable in being associated with.
Furthermore, gender much like race and class are things which can cease to exist once the alienating things which cause their existence disappear, for example capitalism for class.
Therefore, would it not be more prudent to advocate for abolishing gender as a concept akin to how many people see abolishing race as prudent today?
Wouldn’t the abolition of gender and gender roles also negate the need for pronouns and transitioning? There wouldn’t be a need for transgenderism as gender no longer exists? Or is being transgender caused by more than just gender roles?
Also once that occurs will there then only be three sexualities - heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual - because transgender people and therefore people who have transitioned wouldn’t exist or am I missing something?
Thanks in advance for answering.
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2022.01.24 23:49 SunRaSquarePants Why people from communist countries are anti-communist?

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2022.01.24 23:49 wereacreep Ice dyed some flannel sheets - Cryptid approves

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2022.01.24 23:49 DopeTheSmokeMan FTM deposit isnt deposited into kucoin from metamask

Ticket 1503397
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2022.01.24 23:49 Charming-Jacket-4548 Saying the quiet parts out loud...

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2022.01.24 23:49 Boba_fedd_ Food for thought. Napkin math

Market watch Data: 64 000 000 shares available to public.
Sub members: 726 000
GME: 100$ (price is wrong)

It only takes 86 370 apes that DRS 741 shares to lock the float. (74 100$ each) - 11% of this sub

It only takes 152 381 apes that DRS 420 shares to lock the float. (42 000$ each) - 21% of this sub

It only takes 640 000 apes that DRS 100 shares to lock the float. (10 000$ each) - 88% of this sub

It only takes 927 536 apes that DRS 69 shares to lock the float. (6 900$ each) - 127% of this sub

It only takes 6 400 000 apes that DRS 10 shares to lock the float. (1000$ each) - 8.8x superstonks

Every DRS counts. From sardine to whale, hedgies r fuk. No dancing

"Ne vends pas la peau de l'ours avant de l'avoir tué."

Not financial advice, I'm a retard.
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