I made a meme of the lyrics in We Don’t Talk About Bruno

2022.01.24 23:13 ChromeTheRaptor I made a meme of the lyrics in We Don’t Talk About Bruno

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2022.01.24 23:13 sydedunn Update to a wip - would love feedback on specifically the face proportions and values here

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2022.01.24 23:13 JMansReddit Idk if I’m inspired by others or comparing myself to then

I obsess extremely easy over things and want to make them apart of my life. The thing is the obsessions don’t stick around, they ware off eventually. I still find those things kind of interesting later, but significantly less. Idk if that inspiration to try something that I see someone else is very good at is me comparing myself to them on what I don’t have or can’t do, or if I find it genuinely curious. Idk if I see someone else doing something cool and comparing myself to them is turned to an extreme fascination in that and ends up making me want it in my life. Should I enjoy anyone I become interested by or try to identify what I shouldn’t be interested in because it might just be an obsession?
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2022.01.24 23:13 Bucket_of_Potat The more you know, I guess

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2022.01.24 23:13 rryanchow Where should I get help on a dispute regarding a credit card transaction?

I recently bought tickets worth $680 but never received them and never received a refund. I’ve called both vendor and bank to locate my funds and both sides say they can’t find it. I have a detailed explanation regarding the whole situation I can post too. It’s been five months and now they said they couldnt locate it and I’m out of luck. Not entirely sure how to proceed.
Thanks in advance
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2022.01.24 23:13 angelprincesspie Battling.

I am battling with myself every day since you have entered my life. I really thought love was supposed to set you free, make you love life. Ive never talked badly about you out of fear that I might ruin your perception of me. I did anything to keep you happy even after you left because I know that a lot more girls have gone through worse trauma and pain, my pain is so insignificant to what other people went through and I felt selfish for saying I was in pain.
When you walked into my life it felt like a weight off my shoulders then it got worse and worse. When I met you I was so quiet and shy, easily moldable. So you took that upon yourself to make me into a carbon copy of you. I was so eager to please you I willingly became whatever you wanted and needed me to be out of fear of being replaced. You were so liked and admired among our peers and my family seemed to like you more than they liked me so I looked up to you. I was no longer content with the dreams I had prior to meeting you. I no longer had goals. I took it day by day. Every day got harder and harder. Peoples perceptions of me changed, they seen i was going crazy trying to be "enough". Likes on my Instagram posts mattered, if you didnt like what I cooked for dinner, I would hate myself for the next week. If your friends said I dressed too provacative or too sluggish, it made me hide. I never felt like enough. Which is hard because you watched me struggle.
You always told me that i didn't work hard enough. And you're not wrong but I was always under way too much stress to do my best.
I cant keep aiming for higher things. I keep trying even though you haven't been around for a long time. But in all reality. I pay my bills, I feed the kids, the animals are taken care of, the house is decently clean (sometimes), the man I see doesn't make me feel bad about anything- he's quite encouraging. I go to therapy as much as I can. I take my meds when I can.
I have to remind myself im doing really good because I remember you telling me i would do nothing without you.
I am gradually finding myself and its a slow process. I listen to new music since all I used to listen to was music you'd put in the car. I cry sometimes, some days it's hard to get out of bed. I convince myself to not hate you but to not love you anymore. You hurt me and made me feel like it was my fault. You made me degrade myself by BEGGING for you to stay, if you need to beg for love, then it isn't love- love is beautiful. Love is kind. Love is unselfish. Love is forgiving.
What we had was a power struggle. You still control me every day. I organize, clean, cook and still say to myself " would he like this, he would never let me do this".
I try to remind myself for every good memory, there's so many bad ones, that I know you well enough to know you will never say sorry and even if you did, I dont think it will fix what you did. You molded me into someone I hate. I was and am so confused every day and it hurts.
I wanted to think it was "right person, wrong time" but if it was the right person, it would've been the right time.
I'll have you know, I learned how to make the coffee maker. I learned what coffee I like so that you don't have to make it anymore. I learned that every day is a new day and we get "do overs", that its okay to like different kinds of music instead of one genre, that I dont have to keep my hair short for boys to like me. I learned to be content with what I have and that as long as I am alive, im okay. I no longer struggle with being home alone. I used to cower and have outrageous anxiety when you left for work, because you made me feel like I was so small that I couldn't do things on my own. I am happier now.
I am so much happier now and I have to remind myself its better this way because you tore me down after building me up and that is not what love it.
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2022.01.24 23:13 amshare123 找留学生代考机构这些事项一定要注意

1、看网站排名 相信不少留学生在寻找代考机构的时候都喜欢在百度或者谷歌上搜索,这也是很多学校想尽一切办法把自己网站做到排名最前的原因。所以外国学生在寻找代考机构时不妨从前两页中选择,这样就缩小了范围,节省时间,省时省事,最重要的准确率更高。要知道那些个人单位或三无机构是不会耗资巨大去自行经营的,假如在选择范围内,还是有朋友推荐的留学生代考网站,完全不用犹豫,一般都是比较靠谱的。

2、看是否有担保交易 外国学生在找留学生代考网站时都很谨慎,毕竟费用相对来说比较高,要是上当受骗,骗钱是小,最重要的是耽误了考试,导致挂科就得不偿失。因此大家在决定选择一个网上的代考机构前,一定要看是否有担保交易,有的话可以放心下订单,毕竟网课挂科的风险也很大。
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2022.01.24 23:13 Outside-Car1988 35% Home Insurance Increase

The insurance for our block of 9 units just went up 35% this year. Is this common?
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2022.01.24 23:13 Unsubstantial_Event Trying to recover a red/black medium size duffle bag full of tie downs, and a drop hitch taken from my truck Saturday night.

Looking for a Red/Black Duffle Bag, full of bungie cords, tie downs and a 2” drop hitch. It was stollen out of my truck Saturday night at around 4 am. It seems dumb but it has a lot of sentimental value to me and I’d really like to get it back. It was one of the last things he gave me before succumbing to cancer.
I have attached a picture of what the bag kind of looks like and a still shot of the thief from a scurity camera.
Please return to my porch on the 404 Block Of Hochelaga street west no questions asked or contact me with any information.
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2022.01.24 23:13 InformationMagpie I tore down a homophobic sign today.

I took some things to the donation bins by Office Depot (196th and 99) and found someone had taped a homophobic homemade sign to one of them. It had this picture of Lindsay Amer and a hand-written bit about gays being sinful and how Jesus would not allow it, an abomination to god, etc. I very carefully cut the tape down with my car key- it wasn't boobytrapped, but better safe than sorry.
Has anyone else seen this anywhere?
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2022.01.24 23:13 BenevWorldExploder Benevolent World Exploder - Bellringer

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2022.01.24 23:13 TwistedScarecrow Chow Yun fat – A Better Tomorrow II

Chow Yun fat – A Better Tomorrow II
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2022.01.24 23:13 Throwaway_I_S How do people feel about social media activism [BC Flood edition]

I’m a PhD student at Duke University (originally from Abbotsford) who’s currently researching the impact of the recent floods & need participants for a survey that will take 6-7 minutes:

If you are 18 and over and live in BC, pls take this survey. Feel free to share the link with any family/friends WHO ARE RESIDENTS OF BC ONLY.
PM or email me if you have questions/comments about good charities to consider: jacqueline.pan@duke.edu
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2022.01.24 23:13 Gccyy How do I politely reject my friend help to drive me home?

I will be joining a party this weekend in which my friend will drive me there. The party will end before 12 and everyone will be back home. And of course there will be a lot of drinking and partying that night.
How do I politely reject my friend kindness to drive me home because I am afraid of drink driving? He will definitely say he is not drunk and able to drive properly. I do not drive but I do not mind to take uber. I just don't want to sound "uncool" and offensive.
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2022.01.24 23:13 birdymcflok Flok - new anonymous community app for Berkeley students

Flok - new anonymous community app for Berkeley students highly recommend going to www.flokapp.io/download and joining the Berkeley community to get all the tea, advice, and support you could ask for in real-time (also follow @berkeleyflok on Instagram for more memes like this - https://www.instagram.com/berkeleyflok/?hl=en)
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2022.01.24 23:13 ZoolShop PC port of Ocarina of Time prepares for February release

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2022.01.24 23:13 freewilllibrary The Rise of Right-wing Populism | Noam Chomsky

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2022.01.24 23:13 thespyzz I'm doing a thesis on video games in education, tell me one thing you've learned from a video game

Hi all,
I'm from AUS and finishing up my master's degree in teaching. I'm doing a thesis on using video games in education and giving this sub the floor to let me know any skills or knowledge you've learned from any video games you've played!
Cheers in advance!
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2022.01.24 23:13 jabnes When applying / interviewing for a job, approach the entire process knowing someone else is already lined up for that position, your just an HR formality.

Most jobs, especially jobs within older companies, family businesses and government jobs favor under qualified and unqualified internal candidates over your external application. Corporations are made of humans and humans are very tribal.
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2022.01.24 23:13 lercott1987 spank me!

I'll give you love if you love me!
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2022.01.24 23:13 Familiar_Big3322 ꧁༺ 𝓡 & 𝓢 ༻꧂

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2022.01.24 23:13 Pekka_3 Qué tal quedó mi cocina? 🤔

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2022.01.24 23:13 International-Pop-50 The orange is magic.

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2022.01.24 23:13 KahlessAndMolor BEEZOS (original from u/JosephGarrett2)

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2022.01.24 23:13 Qaromashop The Brain by my man Slikrick 🥳🥳🥳

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