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Should I stay or go?

2022.01.24 22:08 xxsalsa_queenxx Should I stay or go?

So I have been with the same company for over 7 years. Started as a peon, and have changed positions 4 times and am now an HRIS Manager. I have been in this role for 2+ years and have expressed wanting to become director some day. This position does not currently exist, and I was told I would need to show them what that role would look like. Long story short, I feel loyal to this company as they have gave me amazing growth opportunities. The benefits and 401k plan are outrageous. I even have a lawyer on retainer for personal use. And I haven’t paid for a cellphone bill in 7 years. I usually get 10-25% annual bonuses. It’s a pretty sweet gig, but I am unsure that upward growth will happen for me at all. I am about 15k from my mid pay range where I should be. I also feel super confined with decisions I can/ cannot make. Lots of bullshit politics.
I have a job offer for a Sr. Manager position of HR Technology, 100% remote, making about 42k more annually with 10% annual bonuses. The benefits aren’t as good, and they just went through a HUGE restructure/ divestiture. I am terrified of making the wrong decision and be stuck in a miserable position with no escape. I would rather my current company give me a match but I am not sure that they will. What would you do on this situation? HELP.
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2022.01.24 22:08 DeadAlive92 (Selling) 4K & HD codes for sale! Daniel Craig Collection, Logan, 13 Hours, Soul, Taxi Driver, Terminator Dark Fate, The Birds, Snatch, Last Action Hero, G.I. Joe, Godzilla, Gemini Man, Incredibles 2, Oliver!, Stripes, Superman Man of Tomorrow, Saw, Central Intelligence, Knowing & more!

Paypal FF, Venmo or Amazon GC only please.
Sony Rewards and DMI points have already been redeemed.
Movies are split where possible. Please only redeem for what you pay for.

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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi - 4K (iTunes or VUDU) $5
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Call of the Wild - 4K (MA) $5
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007 Daniel Craig Collection (Casino Royale, Quantom of Solace, Skyfall & Spectre) - 4K (VUDU) $18
Fifty Shades of Grey Unrated - 4K (MA) $5
Fifty Shades Darker Unrated - 4K (MA) $5
G.I. Joe: Retaliation - 4K (iTunes or VUDU) $5
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Hell or High Water - 4K (VUDU) $5
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Google Play Split
Aladdin 2019 - HD (GP ports to MA) $3
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2022.01.24 22:08 Randomet Me and the boys on our way to beat up a dream stan

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2022.01.24 22:08 Willy_McMammoth 2meirl4meirl

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2022.01.24 22:08 Phantom7879 21/Est/PC let's play something

I really wanted to play 7 days to die but I'm down to play anything ,just want to chill with people and have a good time Some of the games I have are
.Monster hunter world / rise .Rainbow Six Siege .Call of duty vanguard
Discord Deadphantom#9897
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2022.01.24 22:08 Zwsao I will setup a full WordPress website for free!

Hi! I finally got intent letter about job from a company i was dreaming to be part of but i need some more WordPress websites in my portfolio so if you need your WordPress website i can set it up for you totally for free in under 48 hours! Anything will be okay (Personal blog, Portfolio or Company website) Anything! Message me and i will get straight to work :) Have a nice day.
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2022.01.24 22:08 Goldeagle1123 German servicemen let a group of young boys try out their helmets and motorcycles, circa 1940

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2022.01.24 22:08 Equivalent-Target331 98 hnt for 70 us.d

pm me pls i need get rid of some tokens
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2022.01.24 22:08 icedsomethingcoffee Dusty crusty donuts brought to you by Arbonne.

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2022.01.24 22:08 TotallySanePerson Targeted arousal (towards the person you're attracted to)

I realized I was demisexual after I experienced sexual attraction for the first time in my life, at age 33, to a close friend turned romantic interest. Even then I didn't experience targeted arousal towards my friend - even when I was sexually attracted to my friend, I was not aroused by thoughts of having sex with them. It seemed like it would be appealing to have sex with them, but I wasn't aroused by the idea. Do you think it's possible to experience sexual attraction without targeted arousal? I think it's possible that I never experienced sexual attraction to my friend after all, in which case I'm not demisexual but asexual.
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2022.01.24 22:08 Alone_Worldliness_40 Sasha

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2022.01.24 22:08 jirvpvt Got what feels like the last OLED switch in Germany and immediately pre-loaded PLA. The last time I owned a console / played was platinum. T_T

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2022.01.24 22:08 shepherd_boyz Can I stake my ETH for 10 years?

View Poll
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2022.01.24 22:08 GillyMonster18 Non-starts and cancellations (stuff I made this week, what’s what in the comments)

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2022.01.24 22:08 Autocannibal-Horse Iron nuggets

Does anyone have iron nuggets they can part with? I’m on my third day of game play and I need these to build the resident services building.
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2022.01.24 22:08 Supremestcumfish Coop loves baths!

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2022.01.24 22:08 noobletsquid 1

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2022.01.24 22:08 jthanson Ten Thousand Downloads for the Three Links Odd Cast

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2022.01.24 22:08 IntelligenceLtd Setting SMART goals

(NOTE: ive tried a google, subreddit and sidebar search) A bit of background informal language learner for years but because of chaotic lifestyle largely due to ADHD ive struggled to keep it consistent even though i know i understand a lot more I find language learning outside conversational or listening context (grammar drills etc) incredibly fucking tedious and have failed to learn anything from it, but ive decided to at least set some kind of cosistent measurment system can anyone familiar with a SMART goals style system help me with this. thank you
note: someone suggeted sign up for a proficency test in a few months this is not a bad idea but I at least want to have a learning system in place before I do that
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2022.01.24 22:08 The_Thunder_G0d Two things I hate right now(besides the utterly hellish state of the world)

Rich people and Benz/BMW drivers.
Rich people because they have no regard for human life(they see the rest of us as insects/sub-humans/untermensch..I don't hate them for having money,in fact,I don't care about their dough..I care about them seeing people as people and not as insignificant bugs...they can choke on their cash for all I care)
Like,these guys have EVEN LESS regard for human fucking life;they act like they have all the right to run you off the road and sometimes act like they WANT you to hit them so they can put you out A LOT of money. And it doesn't help that they act like they own the damn road and that the biggest concentration of said assholes are here in FL(here itself being asshole central,being trumpland and all).
Tl;dr:these groups of people make life just as miserable as politicians do.
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2022.01.24 22:08 Investingislife247 Why the gamma squeeze failed… in a nut shell.

For everyone that doesn’t know why the gamma squeeze failed last week. We needed to keep the pressure on the call options ATM. Buying call options further out of the money hurt us more. MM have to delta hedge the ATM options in order to keep a neutral position in the market. Hence when the calling buying stopped or slows down, they dump the shares. Also buying calls ITM do more damage. Excising these ITM options would force the MM to go in the market and find shares but if the utilization is 99%…. You know the rest. In my opinion do as you please, buy options, buy shares. When we get PR this bitch will be going up!
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2022.01.24 22:08 quienchingados Elon Musk's purpose is to look "futuristic". And he is playing with very hot fire.

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2022.01.24 22:08 Coimbras Ferrovias a funcionar em Windows

Ferrovias a funcionar em Windows

Coloquei a minha aplicação de cálculo de parâmetros dinâmicos e geométricos a funcionar no Windows.
Com o Neutralino JS tenho uma aplicação funcional de cálculo. Um caso real e não mais um exercício teórico como se vê por aí, não é que sejam maus mas este é um caso prático.

#Railway #railtrack #Ferrovias #calculo #bim #javascript #neutralino

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2022.01.24 22:08 rainspete Rosalina

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2022.01.24 22:08 Smashfanboy Trading megumin btd for offers

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